~Weekend Yard Sale Finds~ & ~Need Suggestions~

Good Morning Girls, I found some great finds Saturday! Yes, I hit a few Yard Sales Saturday Morning! We saw a couple of yard sales signs on Friday night, while we were out...so bright and early Saturday Morning we was up and at it. We hit the Jack Pot at the first sale...we was the first ones to arrive, and boy did they have some great stuff! Oh, WE is myself and hubby....he loves going to them just as much as I do! We had a great time that morning. We even went over to another part of town that we thought might have some great sales and they did. While there, we found a new Farmer's Market and of course I made some purchases there....I could not believe, that I had forgot to take my camera with me....OH, the pictures I could have taken at that farmers market....they had a place set up making Omelets, we had to have one since it was about 10:30am and we had not ate breakfast! It was soo gooood!
I am a little tired today....we had a fun, but busy weekend....Friday night, Alex's class, that he graduated with came over....then they ask us if they could come back on Saturday night...and of course, I said YES! I would rather them be here then anywhere else! Sunday morning and Sunday night we went to church......My house is a mess! I have got to get up from this puter and get busy cleaning and doing laundry! LOL:) I will be around to visit with all of you tonight!

~Here's the Loot from Saturday~Beautiful Yellow bowl, huge gold urn, small gold planter, humming birds, eye glass case, magazines and ice cream scoop~
~ This beautiful yellow bowl came from Pier 1, it still had the price tag on the bottom, I paid $4~
~See the price $15~
~This urn is probably my Great Find the tag on the bottom says $58.99......I got it for $5. It is absolutely Beautiful!! It's huge and heavy! Not sure what I will do with it....I am open for some suggestions.... Please leave me your suggestions in your comments. If I use one of them, I will post about it and put a link to your blog in the post. ~This is the price tag on the bottom of that urn~
~2 Beautiful Christmas Ornaments....These are huge ornaments! $1 each....can you believe that...what a deal!~Oh yes, I always look for magazines at sales....these were .10 cents each, and that ice cream scoop....I did not need, we have several good scoops, but hubby wanted it, we have already used it and I love it better then my Kitchen Aid scoop....that we paid too much for, but this one was only .50cents.~
The small planter was $1....the humming birds .50cents.....the eye glass case $1.50
Well, that sums up the great finds for this weekend. I hope you all had a great weekend! I want to thank everyone that came by for Pink Saturday.....It was a lot of fun, I enjoyed doing it and will probably do it again sometime.

NOTE: I have so much to get done today....so, I will be around to visit all of you tonight, if I did not get around to you on Saturday for pink sat...I will visit your pink sat post tonight also.
I look forward to visiting you all and reading your comments on what I should do with that huge urn.
Have a great day everyone and Blessings to You all, Nancy


Darlene said...

Oh my GOSH....you hit the motherlode!!!! Everything is fabulous and that urn....TDF!! I think you should put pumpkins, gourds and maybe pinecones all together in the urn and then you could switch that out for ornaments at Christmas time. You could also do something in it like Susie did at Bienvenue (on my favorites) and put pumpkins in the front with a stick thingy (ok look at hers) with ribbon scraps tied all over it. I can't wait to see what you end up doing.

Oh, and I sure wish my hubby liked thrifting or yard saling with me....I always just go explore by myself.

Gone said...

Good Morning Nancy...

So nice to see you...and your lovely Estate/Garage/Yard sale finds.

Recently, I purchased an URN, almost identical to yours...and I'm going to spray paint it BLACK and highlight it with different colors of Rub 'n Buff. I love that stuff!

~Blessings on your busy day...
I'll be posting on my blog later today!


PAT said...

Nancy you found some wonderful things at great bargain prices! I don't seem to have that kind of luck at garage sales in this neck of the woods.

Have a wonderful week!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Nancy , spray paint it white , put a little run n buff if you like it, and use in your kitchen to hold fruit , veggies , or seasonal arrangements . Love it , you got some good stuff girl !

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Nancy! Great finds, I would have arm-wrestled you for that urn. I love it all. I think that urn would be pretty in white too, with a little antiquing.


Unknown said...

Hi Nancy,
You did get some great stuff! I can just picture you and Rhoda arm wrestling!

You could paint it...but it is pretty as it is. If you want to make it more antique looking and less gold, try rub n buff. I've had good luck with that stuff.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Great finds.... you lucky lady!

Karin said...

Oh, girl! You really hit it good, didn't you! That urn is fabulous!!!! Just think of all the possibilities! I'd use that all year

You can absolutely copy that picture on my blog! I hope your door turns out pretty! Post a pic when you're done!

nikkicrumpet said...

OOOOO MEGA GOOD SHOPPING!!! I love the urn. I'd be spray painting that thing black and using it to hold a nice fall arrangement. It's going to be very multifunctional. Those Christmas ornaments are gorgeous!

Jessica said...

Hi Nancy,

Wow, maybe I need to go treasure hunting with you. You have found such wonderful things! I love the urn, too. It looks great with the ornaments and the little gold planter.
Take care~ Jessica

Connie said...

You are good at finding such great items. And you snagged a RAZ Imports. You lucky little lady!

Picket said...

Great treasures girl and I loved those Christmas ornaments!!! Hope you have had a great day!

Gone said...

Hi Nancy...

Those pans of mine are mini-cake pans. Nordic Ware...2 for $2...never used! TERRIFIC PRICE!


Michelle said...

What good sales you found! I went to a couple last Friday but only found some cute little fall decor.

Anonymous said...

great finds, I especially love the urn. I wish we had more garage sales out where im at, I have to practically travel to find any and the weathers been way to hot to put my kids through that.

I'm also lovin your new blog backround, its really refreshing to me.

Lawsy Mercy said...

Great finds at your garage sales! I can't believe what great deals; you go girl!

Unknown said...

Hi Nancy,
I have an award for you on my blog!

A Hint of Home said...

You certainly got some greats buys on your shopping excursion. I love the urn and all the other things.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Great finds! I never find good stuff at yard sales...Lucky you!