~Fresh Market~

Good Morning to everyone! Hope everyone is doing great! We expect to hear some news about ITT on Monday....I will keep you posted on the outcome. I really appreciate every ones prayers and advise. You girls are the best!!!!

Here in Knoxville, we have a small market, called The Fresh Market, we actually have 2 of them. Girls, this is the place you go to buy the best of the best!!! It's like going into what grocery stores use to be back when I was a kid. They have absolutely, hands down the best steaks you can buy, my husband is spoiled to this place,(he's a steak person). This store has an unbelievable bakery, I gain a couple pounds just walking by the display lol:) They sell brands that you can't get in a regular store, however some things are a little pricier, but worth it!! We don't go every week to The Fresh Market, we go every couple of weeks. It's such a treat to go! Let me tell you, they have the best coffee I have ever had!!!! When you first go in, the coffee station is one of the first stops, they will even give you a small cup of coffee, they know, one taste and your hooked. After you pass the coffee, your at the flowers and produce, on to the bakery, deli, cheeses, then meats. Oh, the meat dept, has several meat butchers that help you, you tell them what you want or show them which steak and they wrap it up for you...just like the good old days lol:) The last time we went, I happen to have my camera with me, (I'm getting use to carrying that camera everywhere) :) the only bad thing was the battery was dieing, so I was limited to how many pictures I could take. The next time I go, I will take more pictures. Hope you all enjoy The Fresh Market Tour. Nancy

P.S. Please forgive me, any time you see a blurry picture, its because, I have carpal tunnel and tendinitis in both hands and wrists, I just can't keep a steady hand.

~Girls, grab you a cup of coffee and enjoy the tour~

I am so sorry these flower pics are blurry!!!

~What a beautiful Tomatoes~

On the top of the shelves, all around the Market, they have all these kinds of old time items for display.


I saved the best for last! These cakes, pies, and pastry, Goodness, I am in Heaven when I go to this area of the store! Hope you enjoyed the tour, I will post more of The Fresh Market later. Hope every one has a great weekend!!!! Nancy


Tracey said...

Looks like a great place to shop, wish we had one here.
I hope everything works out for your son. That is so not rightwhat they are doing!
Off topic but,I absolutely love your sunroom!Would you mind telling me where you got your sunroom couch and chair?
Take care :)

Unknown said...

Your pictures didn't seem blurry to me...maybe it's because I don't half see anymore! LOL

Loved the picture of the fresh flowers the best.
Have a great day,

Picket said...

Wow girl i would love to have been there with you ..that place looks awesome!!!! I needed a scratch and sniff on those cakes and things...better yet a scratch and lick!!! lol lol Oh that place was something else..so glad you had a great day there...take care and hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

Tracey said...

Hi Nancy,
Yes, I am definitely interested in the couch and chair if you decide to sell them. Please keep me posted. Thanks for adding me :)
Tke care,

Fifi Flowers said...

What a LOVELY market! Not wild about marketing... this could make me change my mind!

Anonymous said...

We are lucky enough to have several Fresh Markets in our area and they are hands down the best grocery store ever. Don't you love their produce? I can't help but buy flowers when I go there too.


Rue said...

Oh honey! I would just dive right into that pastry display!! LOL That store is incredible :)


Kissing of the Frogs said...

Beautiful blog, beautiful music, beautiful home! Lovely to meet you.

Michelle said...

WE had one of those when we lived in Greenville and I did love it (almost a vacation in itself!!!). My budget would just go out the window anytime I visited. (((hugs)))

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Nancy, we have a fresh market here also,it is divine ! I could spend a fortune in there, so I don't go to often.

Essential Oil Premier University said...

Hi Nancy!!
Thanks for visiting my blog and for taking us to the market along with you!!!!

I love the music on your blog. . . I worship HIM TOO!!!!



Picket said...

Hey sweetie...brought you a hankie! Thanks for coming by girl..you are always so kind. But my spirit actually has lifted today....and guess what...my sweet neighbor brought me a basket of ripe red tomatoes and some green ones also from her sister's garden and I immediately made a batter and fried some of the green ones in nice golden slices and carried her a plate to sample! lol Man wish you could have tried one!!! lol Next week she said I could help her shell some peas...Yahoo! lol Have a great week sweetie and thanks again for coming by and always being you sweet kind self!

PAT said...

This looks like my kind of market!

I understand about the carpal tunnel syndrome. J has had surgery in both hands for carpal tunnel. Several linemen he worked with has the same thing, but they told him it isn't work related...makes me wonder!

Have a great week.