Our Anniversary

We just celebrated our 22nd anniversary on June 7. It just doesn't seem possible. This is Alex's 2nd week of college and he loves it. Aaron is getting his drivers licence on Thursday, and he just got a job at Ingles. My life is so different and strange these days. Every one coming and going at different times, is driving me crazy! My husband came home with these flowers for me on our anniversary, aren't they beautiful? He knows I love all flowers and I love him too!!! I haven't forgot that I promised a giveaway, so keep watching, it's coming soon. Nancy

P.S. Here is a picture of the Wilson guys, aren't they cute!!!


Rue said...

Hi Nancy :)

Happy belated Anniversary!! 22 years? Amazing :)


Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary! I understand the adjusting to the new seasons of life (DD is driving for her 1st summer and life is quite different). (((hugs)))