Mias Landliv

~Country Living In Norway~ 

Hey everybody…..Y’all know by now, that I just don’t do alot of posting anymore…because of time issues, but I have figured out that for me, I REALLY enjoy visiting around blogland with all of you.   You all just come up with such inspiring ideas.  For the time I  do have, I love to take your ideas and incorporate copy them into my own home. 

When I spend time visiting around blogland, I never know where roads will lead me, nor where I will end up.  The other day I found myself all the way in NORWAY…….yep, I took a little trip to Norway….will I took a cyber trip to Norway through bloggerville!  I don’t know Mias Landliv at all…..OOOOH butI wish I did and so will you!!!!!!   I’ve never seen or heard of her until recently….and if you have already been there…..shame on you for not sharing the trip with the rest of us….;)  What I have learned about Mias Landliv, is that she is a woman I wish I was….she spends her time wisely and you will learn that when you visit there!  She knows how to make a house a home. She quilts.  She cooks.  She gardens.  She needs to right some ~how to books~ for moi!   And she has some things I covet!  Lordy help me!!  All I can say is, “Where has this woman been all my blog life?”


I knew y’all would want to see what all I did on my trip, so I brought you back some pictures to look at.   Mias Landliv  is a place you all will enjoy!



norway8 Click here to read about this chair

Mias Landliv made this chair and ottoman cover…..I know….it’s unbelievable, it’s brilliant,  it’s recyclable, it’s perfect for children, teenagers, and adults, it’s unique, and I wish it was mine!



OH Baby!!!


Yep, she made this chair cover here too!!!!



You gotta see what she did with these!!!!


norway9 Click here to see this beauty….don’t click until after you finish reading my post!!! lol ;)  I know you’re wanting to!


norway11 Mias Landliv…gardens!!!


norway10 Breathtaking!






norwaycat Precious!!!!



Her country kitchen.





norway14 Daydreamy!!!


norway13 Night Dreamy!!!!!



I could spend a vacation here…shoot…I could spend the rest of my life here!!!!


norwayvaction Yep! The rest of my life!!!!!



Grab you some cake and tea………


norway16  And do a little day dreaming today!!!!  Be prepared to spend hours days there!!! You will want to visit every post, and she’s been blogging since 2006……What a trip…..I’m really still there….hope to see you there too!


norway17Well….Darlin’…… What are you waiting for…..pack your bags and head over to Mias Landliv….right now….I promise you’ll enjoy the trip!!!!!!



Love and Blessings to you all!   Nancy


Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

Hi sweet Nancy...let's go! I want to see it in person! I will meet you at the airport and we will just pay her a little visit;)!

What beautiful images and what amazing design! I love it all! I am off to pay her a visit myself! Thanks so much for sharing!

I love your header...it makes me smile every time I see it!

Happy Monday!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

So Pretty!! I'm on my way as we speak!! My husband's Norwegian - maybe I'll get some tips!

Lisa said...

Oh Miss Nancy!
My passport's ready! LOL! What beautiful photos! I'm off to Norway.:)

Melissa Miller said...

Hello Miss Nancy you are back!!! I miss seeing regular postings from you but we all understand. Life does get busy.

WOW! What a beautiful home. Everything is so calming and just charming. Oh I do love the kitty too. Reminds me of our big boy Chestnut. Adorable!

Thanks for your sweet visit.
~Melissa :)

Stacey said...

I'm back again. Did you notice the crochet and lace trim on those pillow cases? Time to collect some of those.

Stacey said...

Stunning! The peaceful look of european country style just can not be beat.

Mia said...

Thank you, Nancy, for this wonderful post! I am quite speechless, and ever so grateful. How very kind of you. I have also had a few nice ladies visit me, thanks to this post. I do hope you will stop by again, and I am sure to do the same.

Mia said...

By the way, I have posted a link on my latest entry, to this post. I do hope many will come and visit.

Ingun said...

Yess....I visit her garden last week;-))

René said...

This entire post is so dreamy.


Rhondi said...

Hi Nancy
I LOVE Mias Landliv too! I'm glad to see your pictures of her house.

Suzann said...

Oh my!! I have never been, but I want to. I'm going to for sure. Thanks for sharing.