Coach Love


Are you a Coach Fan??  I’ve just listed 3 FABULOUS Coach Handbags on Ebay.  You can see them over there--------------->

DSC07454This one is my favorite!  It’s just the right size!


DSC07450 This one is great when you don’t need to carry alot!  


DSC07449 And this one is just CLASSY! 

Now, if you HEART Coach…..GO BID!


Remember…….The Pink Secret……..I told y’all about???  I’m saving it for Pink Saturday, Sept 26.  And it’s looking like a good thing for me!!!  Any ideas what I’m talking about??????


I want to say a HUGE Thank You to all the new ladies that have been leaving comments here!  I read them all, and they are what keeps this blog going, I appreciate every comment and all the visits as well!


I will be around to visit with each of you very soon.  We are doing alot of cleaning out around here, and I have been working my hiney{did I spell that right?} off cleaning out!!!  {I can’t wait to sit down and blog again} LOL ;)


Hope you all have a Blessed Weekend!


Paula said...

Hi dear Nancy Rosalina,

Your bags are so pretty!!! I am sure they will sell quickly! I look forward to your Pink Saturday. Enjoy your cleaning and be sure to have a nice glass of sweet iced tea to keep you going!

Love and blessings!

Jane In The Jungle said...

You an dyour "hiney" are so cute!!! I'm posting tomorrow about my new etsy shop with the link!
See ya Saturday!

Jane In The Jungle said...

PS I'll actually see ya next time you post which I'm assuming will be before the 26th or are you saving yourself up for a HUGE blowout Pink Day??? LOL!

Unknown said...

Oh I can't wait to see your Pink Day... and sad that you are giving up your pretty Coach bags.


Unknown said...

I have that last black bag and love it--but I'm thinking that small black one would be so happy at my house...

Stacey said...

Oh Good Luck with your ebay items! Aren't you smart. :)

What on Earth are you talking about with the pink thing? Are you having a baby girl?

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Those are pretty! I have two Coach bags that I've had for years! They last forever!!

Good luck with the cleaning out! I need to do some of that too!


Anonymous said...

My daughter just loves COACH, I will have her check them I am a Dooney & Bourke girl.

Good luck cleaning dear friend....never mind sweet tea I say have a Cosmo after all that LOLLLL

xo Kathy :)

ps YES hiney is spelled correctly :)

Angie said...

I have always loved Coach bags, but never had one. These are awesome and I hope you sell them. I just saw on my sunflower arrangement post where you asked if you could use a picture. Of course, I love when people do! Makes me feel darn important!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy! When I saw your title on my blog I thought a sports "coach" and I'm like Whaaat!?lol Dummy here never even gave purses a thought!!!lol They are something to love though! And it doesn't matter how you spell hiney as long as its getting worked off!! Problem is mine keeps showing back up!! Have a great weekend - Sincerely, Jeannette

Sue said...

Hi Nancy, I do love Coach, and have several and really enjoy them,Yours are beautiful too. I even have some Coach tennis shoes that are so comfortable. Thanks for sharing.

p,s.Loved your Southern test, and yes I am Southern through and through! LOL

Sue said...
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Sue said...
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Cindy said...

Hi Nancy, Lovely purses! I can't wait to see what your pink surprise will be...I will be back! Hugs, Cindy S.

A Hint of Home said...

I just finished cleaning out our closet this week. It gives me a little more room. I always find a way to refill though. lol
Your purses are gorgeous!

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

Love your Coach bags Nancy!!! Good kuck with the cleaning out...I am doing the we get to go buy more when we are done...a little reward?

Take care!!!

Anonymous said...
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Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Nancy, I wondered what you had been into ! I need to do that too!

Melissa Miller said...

Oh I just adore Coach Miss Nancy!

I mentioned your Etsy shop in my new post if you have a moment you can check it out.
I hope all is going well for you and yours lately? I haven't seen you around Blogland very much.

~Blessings to you, ~Melissa :)

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Nancy, thanks for checking out my pillow! I love these purses, especially the last one. I have never owned a Coach purse because of the cost, but someday I would love to have one. Love your new tassels too! Kristen

AMIT said...

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