Calling All Shoe Goddesses, and Book Winner

Yes, I confess, I am a Shoe Goddess and I think You might be too, if you’re reading this post…;)


I think we all enjoyed the visit, from The Southern Lady herself,  Phyllis Hoffman, yesterday!!! I could definitely tell, we have some go go boot fans in the crowd…huh?  So many of you made a comment about your go go boots you had…and didn’t the memory of those go go boots remind you of fun, special times in your life?!    I want to thank all of you that came by and showed your support for Honey It’s All In The Shoes!  It is a wonderful book, and a delightful read!!!! 


Have you got your Shoe Show post ready yet???  No, me neither…but I know what I’m showing and what I am going to talk about!!!   Feel free to show what ever shoes you want to show.  Maybe you have a special memory you want to share about your go go boots…but you of course don’t have them anymore….that’s okay…you can still have your memories, so share them with us!  You may can even find a photo on line of vintage go go boots…???  Or maybe you have a picture of you from the ‘60s wearing your go go boots…just snap a photo of it and add it to your post! 

shoe show curtain I hope we see an array of different Shoes, different decades, and different styles. 


In each pair of shoes comes years of experiences, years of memories, life's journeys, trials, failures and successes and victories!  Lessons learned, sometimes the hard ways, and some times being able to look back with wisdom and laughter learned through the steps of life!


shoe show 

Here’s a list to help you decide what to Show~ either the actual shoes or pictures of these shoes is great to!

Baby shoes, or your baby’s shoes

School days shoes

Had to have because everyone else had them shoes

Cheerleading shoes

Prom shoes

Wedding Shoes

Special Mothering shoes (memories of raising your children)

Church Shoe

Garden Shoes

Gym Shoes, Work out Shoes

Dancing Shoes

Cow Girl Boots

Ballerina Shoes

Penny Loafers From the 50’s

Saddle Oxfords

Spiked heels

Got some HOT Tramp shoes (can’t believe I said that)

Weight loss journey shoes

Shoes that KILL your feet, but are adorable, and worth the pain

Comfy shoes, just broke in and you love ‘em

Shoes bought on a special trip

Did you pay waaaay too much for a pair of shoes, but you love them (Blahnik, Coach, Bonanno, Gucci, Brighton,  to name a few)

Your favorite flip flops

Your run around town doing errands shoes

Victorian collection shoes

Ice stakes or roller skates…they are shoes too

A pair of your Mom’s shoes that brings back special memories of her

Miniature shoe collection

Shoe decor in your home

Your Winter boots

Your Summer sandals

Your fuzzy house slippers

Granny shoes

A special pair of shoes bought for you by someone special or maybe even yourself

Thrifty find shoes

What about shoe care tips and storage ides

Whew! I think that just about covers it…can you think of anymore?


~Now for the Honey It’s All In The Shoes Giveaway~

shoes book There were a total of 70 comments left on the 20th and 21st of July.  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!  I wish I could give everyone a book…but I’m not Oprah!  lol ;)   At least one lucky audience member will receive their very own copy of Honey It’s All In The Shoes.


DSC07255 I wrote down all 70 names in the order of the comments, and….


DSC07256 If I had known #2 would be the winner, I wouldn’t have written all 70…. ;)


DSC07260 Congratulations #2 Lamp Tramp!  That’s Self Confessed Lamp Tramp.  If you will send me your address, I will forward it on to the publisher and they will be the ones to send you your book!!!  Thank you to TLC Book Tour for including the book giveaway!!!!!

Now the other 69 of you go order your book!!!! You will loooove it! 


shoe show Now, You have plenty of time still yet to get those Show Show post ready!!!!  I hope to see y’all there!!!  OH, and there is going to be a little giveaway drawing for all the participants!!!!  I know y’all love giveaways!!!!! 

Tell your friends and readers about this fun Shoe Show coming up this Friday, July 24th!!!!  EVERYONE is WELCOME!!!!!! 

My Shoe Show post will be up tomorrow evening, with Maclinky joining us!    We are having new internet service installed tomorrow afternoon…so I hope there is not any glitches, from that!!!!! 

Oh, Wear your Dancing shoes!!!!  We’ll dance from blog to blog Showing our Shoes!!!!


Pick up the Shoe Show button on the right side of the blog and post it on your blog sidebar….be sure and let your readers know where and when the Party will be…since the button doesn’t have a date and place on it!  Feel free to take either one of the Shoe Show pictures. 


Everyone is Welcome!!!!   See y’all there!!!! 


Lisa said...

Congrats to the winner! I know she is sooo gonna enjoy that book. Looking forward to Friday, Nancy!

Mom in High Heels said...

I can't wait for Friday!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winner, Rhoda has a post on this book so everyone gets another chance by entering over there :)

Looking forward to Friday...

Kathy :)

bj said...

Omigosh...this sounds like such fun..I sure will try to come up with something....I want to play, too. I'll take your button right now for my sidebar...
xo bj

Lamp Tramp said...

Wow, just got home after being gone all day, what a wonderful surprise! I'm so thrilled to have won this wonderful book! Thank you so much Nancy for this great giveawy. I'm really looking forward to reading Miss Phyllis' book and enriching my life with her wisdom. The SHOE SHOW sounds fun, fabulous, and funky.
Lamp Tramp

Debra from Bungalow said...

Congratulations to the winner. Sure wish I would have won.

I'm enjoying your great blog and grabbing your blog button, please come by and grab mine too.

I will be coming back for the big shoe party on Friday. What a fun girls sure do like our shoes!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

I am SO behind on my blog reading. While I've been getting behind, ya'll have been over here having a great time at your blog. What a fun idea! I'll have to give this some thought and see if I can come up with a way to join the fun! laurie

Beth in NC said...

Dag! I was ONE person away. lol Doesn't it figure it would be in the beginning after you recorded all of those names? Ha!

What a cute idea for Friday.

Congrats to the winner!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

You lttle racal ! Now you will have me prowlin through my closet,lookin at all those shoes,LOL .

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

Lucky "Lamp Tramp"!

I am so excited for the Shoe Show. It should be a fun party! However, I've had a major revelation getting ready for this post...I HAVE TOO MANY SHOES! :o

Jessica said...

Morning Fancy~

Thanks so much for entering my little give away. You are a friend, I cherish.

Big hugs~ J

Stacey said...

Nancy, July 24 is my son's birthday. I'm doing a post for his special day so I will sort of miss the shoe party. Well, I'm going to put a pair of his shoes in the post so I might hook up any way. :) Can't wait to see everything.

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