~Where In The World Is Southern Lady-Nancy~

I am Southern Lady-Nancy and I have had thoughts of deleting my blog!!! Where do I begin....an apology....an explanation...or ask for forgiveness? How about all 3! I am sorry for staying away for so long and I do ask for your forgiveness! Sometimes life does get in the way of blogging or should I say, sometimes blogging gets in the way of life! I suddenly, without notifying anyone, had to step away from the computer(blogging)...it wasn't anyone thing that brought on this decision, but rather several things. Blogging had gotten in the way of life! Blogging is a Hobby for me...and a hobby is something you do in your pastime, or leisure time. Everyday I would walk by the computer, and I didn't even like the way it looked sitting on my desk....so I put it away! I finally had to get it out yesterday to pay some bills and I saw all the emails from everyone that was missing me!!!! AWWW! Had to grab the Kleenex! I started to do a post yesterday and get things ready for FLAUNT....but I couldn't do it....really I didn't want to do it! I paid the bills....answered a few emails....turned off the computer and walked away! I will say....I was missing you all....but I was not missing blogging...WHAT did she say? That's right....I was not missing my blog one bit! I know...someone call the blogging emergency number....and have me checked out! Is there some kind of name for this sickness????? Is there a medicine that can cure it???? Is there a break long enough???? Has anyone else out there felt the same way! Do you ever have the same symptoms?

For now, for me....I will be doing a lot less blogging. I will not delete it, but I will only be blogging once a week, I don't know what day I will choose, or even if it will be the same day each week. I do hope you all will understand and will still come by to visit occasionally. I hope I have not offended anyone or worried you....that was not my intentions!

I do plan to keep the Flaunt Your Red going once a month! Below all this yakking is my Flaunt for March and since it is late getting up...we will just Flaunt all weekend! You will have anytime this weekend to get your Flaunt ready and posted. Let me know in a comment that you plan to Flaunt this weekend and I will add Mr. Linky.

I decided to show you some of the REDS that I Loved from the last flaunt! Hope you all enjoy.

Stacey at Poofing the Pillows knows how to do red toile! I love her home, it is to die for gorgeous!!!!! She has a wonderful blog and she has become a best blog friend! :)

Penny at The Comforts of Home loves to Flaunt her RED and she does a wonderful job too! I love this red cabinet and her red filled home too!

This too darn cute cake plate belongs to Cynthia at A Accomplished Woman She is a wonderful blogger and I think she is Wonder Woman instead of Accomplished Woman!!!

This Gorgeous Rooster canister set belongs to Bo at Blinks and Winks from Brown Eyes...too bad it doesn't belong to me! I think EVERYONE knows Bo! But if you don't...shame on you! Get over there soon and introduce yourself, you'll be glad you did!

I am seriously thinking about naming BJ, at Sweet Nothings the Queen Mum of RED and she knows just how to use it too! I love this amazing grace sign!

Isn't this adorable! It belongs to Beth at I'm Heading Toward My Destiny Beth, I love this radio flyer! I love her blog too! She is such an inspiration in so many ways, but the best way....she keeps us in the Word!

Okay y'all stop drooling! This chair belongs to Melissa at Melissa's Heart and Home! She actually has this posted today for her Flaunt your Red! You all have to see what all this gal has posted today, She may be the runner up for Queen Mum of REDS! Her home is gorgeous and I love her blog!

This was just a small recap of the First Flaunt with exception to Melissa's chair! I hope if you have the time that you will go by and visit with these ladies, you won't be disappointed!

Do you want to Flaunt anything RED you have, it can be ANYTHING! Just leave me a comment that you will be getting a Flaunt post ready sometime this weekend and I will add mr linky. Come back here after you have your post ready and link up. Make sure you grab the Flaunt Button at the top of my blog.

EDIT~I am having difficulities with mr. linky If you leave me a comment that you have your Flaunt post up....I will add you to this list of participants! Remember you can join in Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

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9. Browne Eid Girl


Missy Wertz said...

Well, I guess I have my Flaunt already up! ;-) Now don't delete your blog!

I am having to do the same thing. Now I miss blogging, but my life is very busy right now. It is going to get busier and ... right now, I am playing hooky from bookkeeping, finishing up my tax stuff for my accountant and backing up my work computer in the other room.... But I could not help myself!

I have having to cut my posts down to once or twice a week as well.

Have a great weekend!

Rebecca said...

My red is already posted. Don't delete your blog please. But I do know how life can get so hectic sometime! Take care!

Hugs and Blessings,

Tiffany said...

I have my red up today. I'm happy you are ok!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for mentioning me. But more important, you are so loved and missed that we will definitely be here for you. I know that it can become a challenge but know that you are loved.... and not for your blogging but for you....

Nancy, take as much time as you need.

I am honored to call you my friend.


Silvia said...

no need to post everyday,i don't!,just whenever i feel like it.no worries i will visit everytime you post...have a great weekend...silvia..

Dawn Marie said...

I think Nancy--at times we all feel that way. Blogging should be a pleasure, something that we enjoy, relax and look forward to. IF life gets busy, which it does,,,so what if the computer sits. After all when you think about it--it really is difficult to find a picture to post or something to post each day.

For me, I dont blog on weekends--that helps--but I do know that sometimes during the week its tough to get on here daily.
I hope you stick around--even if its just occasionally.

Stacey said...

I feel the same way right now actually. I feel pressure to be creative on my blog. Sometimes I'm just not creative though!! Most of the time I'm just doing my Stacey thing here and that's ok.

Like everyone else said, I really hope you don't walk away. Just blog less. Girl, I have to tell you I was trying to think if I had a way to track you down and was wondering if I needed to get in the car and head for Tennesse!! I'm just glad you are ok.

Now I will be honest and tell you that my hubby is irritated with the amount of time I spend blogging lately. That tells me that I need to get control of my addiction!

I do feel like many of us have become friends even though we may never get to meet in person. Please don't leave permanently.


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Oh Nancy I am so glad your OK...now girl I so understand about the blogging thingy...I have to back away alot of times because I still have a home to take care of...and sometime I want to show my rooms but they did to be dusted and I haven't had time to do them because I am blogging ha ha..I will here when ever you do a post girl..get some rest and enjoy your beautiful sofa that I want ha ha!! hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Melissa Miller said...

~Whew!~ Nancy what a relief my friend!
We were all getting so worried about you today.

It's very understandable about blogging taking up so much time.
My husband has given me some very strange looks about it lately. LOL!

I have only posted once a week since I first started my blog. It works out just fine and seems like plenty!

~Thanks for hosting the Red party today and featuring my leather chair. You are a true Southern gem of a lady.

~Have a fabulous and relaxing weekend.
~Melissa :)

Gone said...

Oh sweetie!! I know what you mean. I am taking an extended blogging vacation...til EASTER and then who knows what I'll do.

I have so many decorating items to take care of here at ROSE HAVEN...and then GARDENING will be coming around soon enough.

So...don't worry...I'd say quite a few of us feel this way from time to time.

Glad to see you!


Cheri said...


I am glad to hear that you are not going to delete your blog but I think we all know how you feel and have that same way. Blogging started (for me) as a way to connect to family that is all spread out but then I met through blogland some amazing and gifted people that after getting my coffee in the morning I had to then check the blogs. Shameful. So since I didn't want to give up looking at blogs, I have decided that this will come later in the day when all the things on my to do list for the day is done. I may not comment on everyone's blog but I do check them out. As for my own posts, that is hit and miss and I honestly thought of posting less but I just decided that I will continue to post (for now) when I have something to say. So who knows how often that will be.

Glad you are still with us.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I just thought maybe life got busy for you. Have enjoyed your posts and photos - check in when you can.

Barb @ The Everyday Home said...

Nancy - I know exactly where you are coming from. Its amazing how time consuming these things can be. While I was sick, and while Mr Grits has been sick - its been both a blessing and a curse. So take all the time you need, post when the spirit hits you - but check in every now and then just to say hi. Your blog is too beautiful to delete. Blessings, Barb

Sue said...

I KNOW exactly how you feel. I took a break for a while and even now I am not posting more than once or twice a week. I really want to do more....love reading everyone's but I am so busy and it was taking so much time. Just know that when you do post, we are here.

Bo said...

Oh thank goodness Nancy...you & your family are alright! Whew! I am so relieved you're not deleting your gorgeous blog...and I think that once a week is a totally sane amount to blog, if even that...blogging is supposed to be FUN..& yet it can take its toll... I have noticed several old-time favorites dropping by the wayside or bowing out temporarily...so, please blog when the mood strikes...you are LOVED here! Big, big hugs, ;-) Bo

The Raggedy Girl said...

Right now I can post everyday and visit all the blogs on my blog roll. But when school is out that is going to totally change and I won't have so much time. But surely we could all post and read as we have time. I don't think I am addicted. I like what I have learned by blogging. I love my home more now that I have met other women who love their homes. I feel less guilty about having a lot of "stuff" when I see I am like everyone else. I am glad you are keeping your blog and I will visit when you "Pop To The Top".

Roberta Anne

CMB said...

I know just how you feel, I have been on vacation and not only did I not miss my blog but I also didn't miss the computer! My husband brought his lap top along so I could have easily used it but I had no desire...at all! I wondered how I would feel about it when I got home, I have been catching up on reading and commenting but I am not going to feel pressured to come up with something great to blog about so often. Things are getting busy around here and with nicer weather heading our way the last place I will want to be is sitting at the computer. Isn't that the beauty of the whole thing...it is ours to do what WE want with it! I do love your blog and hope you will check in from time to time!

Susie said...

Hi Nancy I wouldn't delete the blog. I would just let it ride. Sometimes I feel like walking away for awhile too! Blogging is a hobby and for me it has been loads of fun but sometimes it does seem it gets in the way of living, especially since I have gone back to work. So I can definitely relate.

LisaShaw said...

Dearest Sister, I just returned yesterday from taking off over a week from blogging, email and anything else that had been consuming too much time so that I could just spend time with the LORD and refresh myself in His presence. Everyones blog is something different. Mine are ministry and even in that I still have to take breaks. Whether it's hobby, ministry, a special cause, etc. we all need breaks so no need to apologize or worry. We'll be here whenever you share with us. No pressure! Take care of you, your family and all of what the Lord places before you.

Love you.

Becky said...

Hey girlie; I am sooooo glad you're ok!! I have been in and out so much the past month.....but have noticed nothing from Nancy.

I know exactly how you feel. I have thought numerous times about deleting my blog. I do enjoy blogging when I'm in the mood. At first I was reeeeeeally addicted to it. Now somedays it's a struggle. It does consume your life if you let it though....and at one point I was letting it. I'm a little better now.

I always enjoy reading your blog, I consider you a really great friend and don't know what I would do if you deleted it, so please don't. Just do it when you feel like it and when you don't....just don't.

Anywho, I've missed you and I'm glad you're back even if it is once a week! Have a wonderful weekend!

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Nancy, Glad your ok! I know how you feel. It's been taking alot of my time too. I still enjoy it and visit several blogs a day, but I try to do it in the mornings, or late at night. I only got into blogging after the shop I worked in closed, I don't think I could do it otherwise. I usually do a post once a week unless there is something special I want to share. That's about all I can handle. I do hope you keep your blog up, it's one of my favs! Try not to feel pressured or like you have to comment on everyone who comments on you. I used to do that and would like to, but sometimes it's just impossible.

I want to participate in the "Flaunt your Red party" but will probably not be able to have my post up until tomorrow. Thanks, Kristen

Deb said...

I'm glad your okay, was wondering what happened to you. I look forward to your posts when you do them

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Nancy, PLEASE don't delete your blog!! I just love visiting you here, and I love having you for a bloggy friend! :) Just blog when you feel inspired to do so, and all of your loyal readers will be happy! You have to enjoy it, and do what you need to do -- your family and "real life" comes first!
Love ya, girl!

Debbie said...

Nancy, you were one of the first blogs that I started reading. I understand how life can get bogged down with blogging and reading all of them, believe me, I do it myself. But you are one of my favorites. We will take anything you have to give even if its once a week or once a month. Take care and know that we do care. Debbie

Zoe said...

I am new to this whole blogging world and I get so much inspiration from your beautiful blog. I feel like we are decorating sisters because you and I have so many of the same items in our homes. I just love your style and grace and will continue to support you even if it is just once a week. Take care of yourself and know that we are thinking about you.


P.S. Please show us more of Kim and her sister's homes.

rebel said...

I like your flaunts.
I totally understand needin' to step away from the computer and deal with life. It's kinda hard to do both at times.

Kim said...

I understand your decision and I think it is a healthy one! I'm all about keeping the balance in your life.

I posted about red earlier this week! Here is my link http://artofdomesticliving.blogspot.com/2009/03/seeing-red.html

Thanks for this opportunity!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for adding my red hutch as one of your fav reds! Blogging should not cause stress! It is suppose to be fun....so take some time off, everyone will be here when you return...

nikkicrumpet said...

I think we all go through this now and then. And if you feel the need to step away then you have to do it. Blogging is supposed to be fun, not a chore. I've found that by cutting back to posting only 3 or 4 times a week helped me a lot. And I don't visit as much as I was. I'd have a hard time walking away completely...but sometimes you just need time off. I'll miss you. And I'll look forward to popping in whenever you have something new. Take care of yourself my friend.

Linda said...

I'm sooo glad that you didn't delete your site although I hear you loud and clear. Sometimes I feel like it's alot of work and sometimes with little to no commenting received back. Makes me feel like I neglected my life for the sake of blogging and it wasn't even worth it...then other times I feel so uplifted by blogging friends and their wonderful comments. I realize there is ups and downs to everything though. I didn't blog for about a week recently and didn't miss it much either...makes me wonder.

Unknown said...

Hi Nancy,
I have to agree that you shouldn't delete your blog. It seems that lots of us that have been blogging for awhile have gotten burned out. Guess this is normal once the 'newness' wears off.

I think blogging less is better than not at all!

Glad you posted today...I was thinking of you this morning and planning to drop by...I have not been visiting and commenting as much either!

Have a great day,

Unknown said...

Hi sweet lady. I know exactly what you are talking about. This is the very same internal fight I have bee having for a few weeks now. I do love meeting all of the lovely ladies and getting to know them through their blogs but I feel guilty spending so much time doing it and also it takes away from my family time and my creativity time. I have neglected my etsy shop for some time now and often think I should delete it, as well.
I decided yesterday that I would need to reduce my postings to 1 or 2 days a week, period. It is hard to keep up with everyone elses blogs too, but it is a special treat to visit them, so your posting once a week is perfect if that's what you can do but know you would be missed terribly if you left for good. I know I would be very sad.
Take care of yourself and your family and we will all be here when you come by.
Have a wonderful weekend, Nancy.

Mama said...

Nancy, this post is especially interesting to me, because I've been experiencing exactly the same! Not missing my blog one bit as I'm staying busy with some other responsibilities and activities these days -- but I DO miss my blogging friends, so I'm doing some quick "lurking" here and there on my favorite blogs, just not posting much right now. Who knows what will come? I just don't want to take my blog down right now. Not led to do that yet -- just led to back off a bit.

It's all good!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I completely understand how you feel. My blog list and followers have grown by leaps and bounds this year. It is difficult to keep up with, at times. I decided to only post 3 times per week, when I first began blogging 2 years ago and that has worked out well for me. I do take time off now and then, by scheduling posts and spreading out my visits.

I don't ever let the blog get in the way of life, though. Our real world is so interesting!

I have a lot of time invested in my hobby and enjoy it so much...but like other things in life, moderation is a good thing.

Will miss you and I'll keep an eye out for any new posts, you publish.

All the best!!

Carol said...

I'm so glad you will continue to blog! I do understand how you feel! Since I became a Nana last month I don't post everyday, I'm having too much fun with Ethan!


Tracey said...

Hi Nancy,
Well I certainly hope you don't delete your blog! Blogging should feel like fun not an obligation, maybe you are putting too much stress on yourself to post too much! Maybe take a break and then just post when you feel like it?
Take care,

Debbie said...

Hey Nancy, I decided to do my first Flaunt your Red. Would you add me to your list. Thanks, Debbie

Unknown said...

Nancy yes i would like to join. Please do not go away you were one of the first blogs that i discovered and you influenced me to have one. . mishelle

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Well Nancy..it is good to hear from you....I am glad you didn't delete and disappear! I haven't done Flaunt your Red...but I visit each of them. I have a few red things...but I forget! I NEED you to remind me...so another reason you can't go bye bye. I will try to remember next month. Enjoy your weekend.

bj said...

gOOD GRIEF, GIRLFRIEND...we were all wondering if you were ok. So thankful that you are.
I, and every one else, understand about the time involved in blogging. I must say I have let things go, just so I could blog a little. I may do the same and not post every single day of the week.
I honestly forgot about last Fri. being the last one ofthe month..I will try to do next time around.
Take care and bravo for you on getting your priorities in order. I need to work on mine, too.
And, thank you for featuring my little red sign...
xo bj

Jessica said...


Sometimes blogging does get in the way or life gets in the way or both? I'm sooo very glad you are not deleting....I'll come by even if you post once every 6 months. It has been a joy to get to know you. You are a kind, warm hearted friend....a REAL treasure.

Big hugs~ J

Free Art Printables said...

Glad your back! jen

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,

I am to glad to see a post I wondered what had happened, it's funny how we become attached to our virtual friends !!

If you're stressed walk away, it is why I never started a blog of my own, we have a family blog and people post about this and that but we never feel any pressure....I know my personality and I know that I would feel that I had to check in and up on everyone all the time....

I know alot of the gals make money off of theirs and have often wondered if they feel any pressure.... would they have really spent or done those things to their homes or do they feel they HAVE to to keep people interested in their blogs...

Take a break but know that yours is one of my fave blogs...I wish you the best !!!

Your virtual friend,
Kathy :)

Lady Katherine said...

Hi, Love the post, and do not delete your blog, I have been there so many times. I want to shut my computer up and hide it. Then when I do get on I am upset, for I am missing a lot. I think posting once a week will be great. I done it for the last few weeks. Its so hard to keep up in blogland and your own life. I am trying to take one day and visit or when I have a little extra time. My grandchildren here everyday, and a house in remodel zone, There not enough time and Spring is here! A lot to do outside. I think everyone is feeling the same. So hold on and just visit when you can and keep your blog for everyone will be here when we all get a chance to visit our friends in blogland. I got my Birthday Tea Party hosting April 5, I got a lot to do before, I have my Tea Party here next week. Hubby is sheet rocking the dining room, I painting shelves, and butcher block and staining pieces. Need to sew and add some toile, and plan the Party! lol Help! Oh, I got great news from Doc. See you when I can. Hold on to your blog!

Tee said...

Hi Nancy - My red post is up. Glad you decided not to delete your blog. It is lovely!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Nancy, glad to see you're still around & I totally understand the blogging thing. It has taken over my life too & thankfully, I still enjoy it, but I get less done around the house than I used to. I need to figure out a way to step away more than I do. So glad you're not deleting, just take the time you need for yourself & sanity! xoxo

Lisa said...

Hi, I've seen the Flaunt your red on several of my fellow Pink Saturdayers blogs. I LOVE red also. How can you not? If it's ok I'd love to join in. I'm sure it will take quite a while to run out of red to post!

Love your site. I've just started blogging and I'm hooked. But it I can see how it could get rough. Let it go for awhile and you will enjoy again!

Hugs, Lisa

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Just blog when you can Nancy.I know exactly how you feel.Blogging can almost turn into a job if you let it. I have quit worrying about it. I make a post when I feel like it. And there is no way I can get around to commenting to everyone that is on my list. I visit when I can. I have seriously let things go around this house and I have got to stop it.
So see you aren't the only one that has those blogging thoughts. But we ain't gonna quit are we ? ?
No sir !

Kim said...

Nancy - while I am sad to say the least about your decision (and yes, I too have been wondering where you've been lately!) I certainly understand. I am still a little new to blogging, but it has started to consume me. What stopped me in my tracks was when I overheard my hubby tell my kids, "If you want to get mommy's attention lately, you have to leave her a comment!" YIKES! Talk about a wake-up call! It's true what they say, everything in moderation.
You were one of my first true blog friends and I'm so glad to have met you. I will still be checking in on you, but for now, just take all the time you need. Sorry for the long comment!! ~Kim

Joanna said...

I am so glad your not deleting. I do understand so very well about blogging getting in the way of life. I too need to step away from it for a while.

Stacey said...

Nancy, Happy Monday! Hope you are having a great week.

Donna Lynn said...

Don't blame you one bit! I stopped blogging for about two months, and then decided to start up again, just not spend as much time on it like before. I understand how you feel. One thing that bugged me though was when I started blogging again, some of the "friends" I had made before, totally snubbed me and won't comment or email me back, guess I made them angry... I say whatever and please get a life!

I enjoy your blog, but you need to do whatever makes you happy!
Donna Lynn

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Hi Nancy!

Of course , anyone who blogs can get overwhelmed , I know I can. I made a pack with myself , I'd not feel "obligated" to do anything , or rush a post , or feel that pull. I'd only do my "hobby" when I can and want to :)! So no worries here, we love your posts, but only do it when you want sweetie! Btw, I adore your new blog look!! I know I've been so busy lately, so I haven't had time to "surf", so today I'm doing that and only because I'm so in the mood and missed it so much!

Have a fabulous week sweetie!

Hugs, Cynthia

Jane In The Jungle said...

Understand totally! I did the same thing, womdered about deleting. Then was in the hospital a few days and came back with a cut-back attitude! So I just post 3 or less days a week now. So cut-back girl but don't delete, you'd be highly missed!

the pleasures of homemaking said...

I deleted my last blog and I'm sorry I did! There's no way to get those past posts back. I wish I had just closed it down for however long I needed (about 4 months of no blogging was what I needed) and then started back. So I think cutting back on posting is a good way to go! I'll have to join in the party one day as I love red and I have alot of it!


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Nancy, I'm so glad to hear from you, and I am so glad to read this post and to know that I am not alone. (I've also read all of the comments on this post, so we really aren't alone). It's funny, I've never felt pressured about posting to my blog. I do, however, feel very pressured about visiting blogs, so that is where I have to cut back. Most of the time, I enjoy visiting blogs, and I learn so much when I visit them. However, there are times when I'm just repaying a visit to my blog, and I really don't have spare time to do that. I don't know what the answer is going to be for me, but I'm going to have to work on it. I'm so glad you didn't delete. Hang in there. You are loved in Blogville, and would certainly be missed if you stopped posting at all. laurie

Divamom said...

You have a wonderful blog, so please don't delete it! But, I do understand about blogging. Life comes first! Thanks for being "real" and showing that life is not perfect in blogging world! Take your time. There are no blogging quotas (at least I hope not!).

Be Blessed!

Beth in NC said...

Oh Nancy, I'd be so sad if you left. I have really missed you. I pray you'll find a healthy balance. It really can take over you life. I UNDERSTAND.

I miss you!


Miss Janice said...

Oh Miss Nancy...you just blog when you feel like it girl...we will be here waiting!