~A Kim Style Hunting Room, Dining Room and Ktichen~

Well, are y'all ready to continue our tour at Kim's home? I'll try not to put anything else in my purse...lol ;) Try I said! Repeat after me~ I will not have sticky fingers during this tour!Kim's words~This is our living room at the front of the house across from the dining room. It is a very comfortable room which is flooded with sunlight in the morning. Good little sitting area to greet guests or to just sit in there and read a book.

This is where the trying stops.... ;) Somebody GRAB that clock!!!!!! Run to the car with it! I'll cover your back.

Oh, Kim mentioned to me that she was first to paint her doors black and Kelly { her sister } copied her...lol ;) I'll let them deal with that own their own blog...HA! I love the black doors...who ever came up with it first!

I don't think I can get that window in the car, not to mention Kim might notice it missing....Houston we have a problem.. ;)

OOOOOH Honey, look at that hat! Love the hunt room and now, I think I need a hunt room! I love the style of this room!!!! I have a front living room...HMMMM!

Moving on into the dining room~ the picture below is the dining room before Kim did a makeover on it.

Kim's Words~I repainted this room from dark blue walls and ceiling to a warm sunny golden yellow. Benjamin Moore York Harbor on ceiling and Stuart Gold on walls. The color really opened up the space and now it is one of my favorite rooms

~and after below~

Love the change! A refreshing change!

~Moving into the Kitchen~ Repeat again....I will not have sticky fingers!

Kim's Words~ Went from all white kitchen with outdated wallpaper and white linoleum floors to color and warmth. New cabinet and door fronts painted and antiqued, granite, tumble marble backsplash (we did ourself) new hardware. Had to keep white appliances, still in good shape, go with all the white trim, anyway

Oh my gosh ~ look at that clock...I have a thing for big clocks! I already seen one..she doesn't need two...;)

See the stove hood~ her hubby made that! He's a keeper, Kim!

Notice the furbaby~too cute!

Notice the planter she has her cooking utensils in.....I need to add one of those to my shopping list! Love that idea! Do you all see that gorgeous back splash...Kim and hubby did that!

Adorable cabinet!

Okay~ here we have another problem with sticky fingers ;) Who's {we}...that's Me, myself and I .....it's a hard job to keep all 3 of us under control...lol ;) Those rooster hooks are too cute!

I looooooooove how this side of the kitchen cabinets was painted black!

Another cute furbaby! Oh, and an adorable breakfast room! Notice the transom window...Gorgeous! That RED hutch ain't bad either!

Love that RED phone hanging on the wall! That is something I don't see much anymore! Y'all remember those days of stretching the phone cord all the way across the kitchen, and when you bought a new cord...you promised yourself you would not stretch it out...lol ;)

Oh no, right now I have a sick feeling in my stomach! Why? I use to have one of those blue teapot lamps...yes I did! I use to have tons of blue and white! Everything in my house was Blue at one time, for years! I got tired of the blue and yep, you guessed it...got rid of the blue and white teapot lamp! Now, I wish I had it back...It's impossible to keep everything!

Look girls, finally something we {me, myself and I again} don't have to steal, or covet....these roosters are for sale...hee hee! ;) Aren't they adorable sitting on top of that RED hutch!?
Isn't this a beautiful home! Full of warmth and coziness! One of my favorite things about this home is the colors! I love a home full of color! It's so much more fun! Thank you again Kim for allowing me to feature your beautiful home. The tour will continue with the Bedrooms and Bathrooms, later this week!
I am still working on the guest room....I am looking for a drop leaf table for the guest room, to use for a place to work on crafts. I found one, but it was a little to pricey, you know I will try to find one for alot less $$$. I keep watching Craig's list. When I have the room finished I will show it off... ;)
If you have not seen the other posts on Kim's house..they are the next 2 posts below! It's a must see!
Hope y'all have a wonderful week! Thank you so much for stopping by! Please feel free to leave comments! Kim and I enjoy reading them!


Susie said...

Simply gorgeous! Just gorgeous! Nuff said!

Silvia said...

very funny post and the part about the roosters hilarious!...love his home it so warm and inviting.thanks again girls for letting us in.silvia..

Joanna said...

Love it all! Can't wait to see the rest!

The Bramble Patch said...

Kim and Nancy - Love it! Thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

Kim's house is beautiful and I love your commentary. You are so sweet to make these ladies home know to us for inspiration.

Thanks Nancy,

Stacey said...

Kim and Nancy, I'm just sittin' here coveting clocks!! You have some really great ones. Beautiful house- again I totally enjoyed the tour.

A Hint of Home said...

She does have a pretty house. I love the colors and painted walls. Big clocks are a favorite of mine, too.
Enjoyed the tour and can't wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving this, Nancy!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Ok Nancy I brought the U-Haul this time no more messing around..Here you wear the panty hose on your head this time I got my fishnet ones...lets get that Red hutch first..Ok you get one end I'll get the other now on the count of 3 lift....Nancy can this house get any better ??? I say that all the time and Bam another great tour of even more eye candy..Thanks Kim for inviting us into your home...now excuse me while I see how much room I still have left in my BIG Purse lol!! I could use a clock I can read without my glasses..hugs and smiles Gloria

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Thank all of y'all so much for the sweetest and cutest comments. I've got my watch dog and cat ready to pounce on y'all if you come down my driveway with the u-haul.

Nancy, you are to funny with your words. Thanks again.


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Nancy, I loved seeing more of Kim's home. I can't believe they did all of that work in their wonderful kitchen. Thanks for sharing their lovely homes. laurie

Unknown said...

Nancy i am coming down with a U-haul. Tell Kim we need to come by and see the house. I will distract her and you grab all the Roosters stuff. Oh we will ned a couple of burly guys cause i need that Red hutch in the kitchen eating area. Deal? lol mishelle

Denise said...

What a beautiful home! So warm and inviting. Thanks to both of you for sharing!

Have a great day, Denise

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Okay, you know what I'm gonna say. I am seriously in pain, from YEARNING! Thou shalt not covet! But, I am coveting!! Big Time!
Love it, love it, love it!

Thanks for sharing!

Lou Cinda :)

Becky said...


Thanks for the tour!!! As always you did a wonderful job! I'm afraid I would have had sticky fingers too! Like you, I LUV "BIG" clocks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy & Kim,

I love those clocks, but I understand (sort of) that you saw them first Nancy LOL

Your roosters are adorable, is that a Martha Stewart rooster cutting booard I see...I have that too !!! Love it :)

I really like the black doors, such a nice touch !!

Thanks for your hospitality...

Happy St Paddy's day,
Kathy :)

May you always walk in sunshine.
May you never want for more.
May Irish angels rest their wings,
Right beside your door.

An Irish blessing

Cindy said...

Hi Nancy, Thank you for the tour of Kim's gorgeous home. It is full of beautiful colors and beautiful things. It's always so fun to see how others decorate. Thanks again, Hugs ~cindy ~

The Raggedy Girl said...

BLACK DOORS....hmm...immeddiately I am looking at my doors that are "wood colored" and I did not want white and my mind is thinking....yes the thinking cat is really thinking!! I love these tours, do you have more friends who will let you in to take stuff...oh I meant photos!

Happy St. Patrick's Day
from Raggedy Girl/Roberta Anne

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Nancy, :)

I remember touring Kim's gorgeous home on Micasa's website. You are so sweet to post it for us to drool over.
It's just amazing down to every detail.

I think I may need to order another tassel from you very soon...LOL!
I just love em' all.

Have a wonderful week.
~Melissa :)

Amy said...

Love Kim's house! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I sure have enjoyed yours!


Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

Hello Nancy! Your blog is so pretty! Everytime I come over it just brings a smile to my face...your banner is so cheery! I love this house! Thank you for sharing Kim's house with us! And I really don't think she needs both those clocks! God Bless! Lauralu :)

~♥~ Monica S said...

Beautiful!! LOVE that kitchen counter and bar!! :-) Those stools are very "my style"


Heartfelt living said...

Oh Nancy, you did it again! What a great post! You are so funny and Kim certainly has a beautiful home.
Please thank her for sharing. I just love the dinning room transformation! It is so sunny and cozy now.
Looking forward to your next post!

Bo said...

Hi Nancy...I don't know what I enjoyed the most...your fun commentary or the luscious photos of Kim's home...but I guess that really doesn't matter since I got to have both. Thank you for showing us Kim & Kelly's beautifully decorated homes! More??? ;- Bo

Michelle said...

Love, love, love it! Thanks for sharing...you made the tour most enjoyable with your bubbly personality!

Have a wonderful evening!


Darlene said...

Kim's home is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It is cozy, warm and inviting. Can she please come over and decorate my whole house????? Oh, and she can just bring some of those accents from her home here....deal???

Laura said...

What a beautiful site.
Come by and see me-


Aunt Spicy said...

Like I said...my bags are packed I am ready to move in!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is, WOW!

joyh82 said...

She has a beautiful home! Love the roosters and the yellow paint in
the dining room compared to the blue.