~The Guest Room Mess~

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I wasn't avoiding you all this weekend, you see I spent half of it sick and in bed! Thank God, I'm Feeling much better today! :) I have a lot going on this week so let me get started. Warning Enter at your own risk! It's the guest room mess!
It's bad and ugly........

but before this week is over, I hope it's organized and gorgeous!

Started projects are sitting everywhere!

I hope to return with "some" of these projects finished!

I have piles of "stuff" to list on ebay, piles of projects {some I didn't even show you}, and lots of organizing to do. I do have one more post that will publish later this week....It's Kim's house...remember Kelly's house {post below}...well, Kim is her sister. Other then that I am going to take a little break and get things in order around here! Please don't forget about me. I will be around to visit when I can!!!
Comments have been turned off. I just want you all to know that I am still here...lol :) just catching up on the home front for a few days.