~Living With Color 2~

Let's talk Blue~ Blue symbolizes constancy and truth. It brings a sense of peace and tranquillity to the spirit. Blue brings with it the promise of heaven and the depth of the sea. Many cultures have used blue as protection against evil forces and as a healing color. Viewing the color blue has a calming effect. Blue reduces blood pressure, heartbeat and respiration slow down.
Darker blues carry the message of leadership and authority. Medium and grey-blue appear sincere. Pastel blues appear delicate and ethereal. Electric blues are active and playful, energizing and youthful.

The pictures above and below came from The O at Home Magazine. This is Jenn's Blue Room in her home...You can view the article and her home here. This is what Jenn said about the Blue Room. Jenn refers to her den as the Blue Room. Painting the ceiling the same color as the rug or the floor makes the room feel like an embrace. Connect indoor and outdoor spaces by using the same color scheme in both, as Jenn does here with the blues on her patio and in her den.Different heights of similar items, such as these two blue-and-white china vases, move the eye around the room.When she doesn't need extra seating, Jenn adds a vase- and beverage-steadying tray to this ottoman and calls it a coffee table.
I have to say that when I saw Jenn's house on the Oprah show and when I saw it in the O at Home Magazine, it was one house I have never forgotten, and...I was ready to put Blue back into my house! I think that Jenn used the color blue perfectly!!!! If you have a chance run over there and check out Jenn's home it is Gorgeous!!!!!

Decorating with blue: Blue is recommended anywhere you prefer quiet and serenity. Dark blues can be perfect in dens, home offices and libraries where quiet thought is required. Warm blues can be hospitable in dens and family rooms. Pale blues are refreshing in bathrooms, but should be balanced with warm accents to avoid feeling chilled. Blue is a relaxing choice for a bedroom.

Love the way green was used with blue above. Green is a great color to use with blue, after all, green comes from blue and yellow. The Yellow adds the pop of warmth and brightness, after all doesn't the sun do the same thing when we look up the beautiful blue sky. Yellow is a great companion color for blue.

Blue and white Porcelain is the perfect choice of accessories to use if you love blues! You can mix and match these patterns and they all work so beautifully together!

If blue is your favorite color: You are both trusting and trust-worthy. Although you may appear confident, you can be vulnerable because of your deep sensitivity to the needs of others. You form strong attachments and are deeply hurt if your trust is betrayed. You are harmonious, serene, patient, persevering, even-tempered and reliable. You prefer a close circle of friends to a wide range of acquaintances. You can be a perfectionist because of your highly developed sense of responsibility.

Blue and white is always right, but look at how color can add possibilities to the blue. I loved this picture because to me it shows a
perfect color combination when using blue. Blue can sometimes be a hard color to combine with a companion, but here it all works so well!

Look at this bedroom....doesn't it say rest, peace, tranquility, and heaven!? Blue and white can be crisp and clean or dreamy and serene. Blue is a color that you can mix different patterns with...notice in this room they have used stripes, florals, and checks!

Look at this hallway...notice how everything pops against the blue walls, but it still maintains a serene feeling thanks to the blue.

I love how in this dining room they have taken a rather elegant table and chairs and countrified {is that even a word?} it with the blue. Notice the blue plaid on the chairs...I guarantee that blue plaid didn't come on those chairs ;)
This one is for all you blue and brown fans~ It is not one of my favorite combinations, however I like how they used it in this bedroom with adding the purple accent. I loooove the brown...just not with the blue so much, but that's me. My son's room is blue and brown, but that maybe changing soon...I've never been sold on those two colors together. The blue and brown is more of a trend color combination, here today and gone tomorrow~However:
Blue has some great companion colors that work so beautifully with it.... Green, Yellow, and Purple....and I love to pair blue and red together as well! These are the colors combinations that never go out of style.....Blue and yellow has been around for as long as I can remember, and still going strong!

I want to note that all of the pictures came from Country Living, BHG, and Oprah. Some of the info I have used about Blue came from a wonderful website I have recently discovered called Decorating Secrets Girls, this is one great place!

Moving on~ I had to end with 3 of my favorite pictures! All 3 of these pictures came from CountryLiving.com

The blue you see in these pictures above and below are very subtle. I love how the yellow is the dominant color and blue was used as the accent.
This picture above is my DREAM bedroom! {For Now} It is featured in the current issue of Country Living Magazine.

I could see my self living in this blue house! Isn't it the cutest! It almost looks too perfect! Someone that lives in this blue house definitely has a green thumb!

Well, if your like me, you're are ready to add some blue to your home, and guess what? I did! Yes sir reeeeeee! Yesterday, while out and about, I made a quick stop by KARM...{that's a thrift store here in Knoxville} and look what caught my eye. Better yet, they didn't break the bank...at $.99 each I could pass them up.They are not all the big and grand, but I will use them for lots of different things I'm sure.

I know y'all are thinking, how much longer is this post.....But I had to give you a quick update on these two~

After I returned home yesterday~ I looked out side to check on these two sweeties, and just look at how hard they had been working on "feathering their nest" That's right, they had wore themselves out tearing their beds apart! When I first looked out....they were past out asleep on top of all their "feathering" ;)But they are still the cutest things I have ever seen!!!!!! Just look at them begging for a treat!

Don't forget about the Flaunt Your Red Party on Friday! Grab the button on my side bar...way up at the top...from where you are now...lol :) We will party until we drop ;) If you want to know more about it...please read the 2 post below....Everyone is welcome! Oh, and there is going to be 2 giveaways...1. the blog makeover by Tara...and 2. a surprise RED giveaway for those of you that don't want or need a blog makeover :) YAY!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day...and I'll shut up now ;)

Edited~ I have to complain for a min. here......I have been trying to comment some of the wonderful blogs that I enjoy visiting!!! However, some have the word verification on. Either my computer or Blogger or google is having some problems...I don't know which one....but the letters for the word verification are not popping up at all...so therefore...it will not accept my comment. It is very easy to go in and take that verification off...you just need to go to you comment settings to do it! Several have done that, including myself and to my knowledge no one has had any problems. I really don't know why it is even there....maybe just to torcher us from time to time... ;) I wanted you all to know..that I have been trying to leave you a comment but have been having a problem. Please think about taking the word verification off your comment settings.... :0) Nancy


Stacey said...

Nancy, I just got a good little laugh about your puppies. I had wondered if they were going to be inside dogs or not. Cuz you know puppies like to chew and tear things up!

Love the blue post. Blue makes homes feel warm and soft. Blue is completely timeless.

My name is Riet said...

Thank you so much for the lesson on blue Nancy and the beautiful pictures I learned a lot again today.

Lois Christensen said...

I love blue! I have quite a nice collection of blue and white china and loved the two new pieces you found!!
Our bedroom is currently painted red, which I love, but I am completely in love with our guestroom which has our old comforter set...blue and white!! Thanks for all the great pictures!

Darlene said...

I LOVED seeing all these inspiration pictures in your blue post. Also it looks like the pups nest was feathered quite well. I had to laugh at that picture.♥

Kim said...

Hi Nancy,
Well you certainly know your blues! I have always been a fan of the blue and yellow color scheme and those pictures show why.
I just love your thrift store finds too. I might have to put that on my "to do" list: next payday, go to Thrift Store!

Lori said...

Oh Nancy. . .I love the new look of your blog. I thought the other one was great, but this one is so different and feminine. I have fallen in love with the blue house. It looks so pristine and feminine. I'm ready to move in. . haha.

The puppies are getting big!! They are so adorable.

LisaShaw said...

I love your dogs! Looks like that had a good time together feathering their beds (smile).

I enjoyed the breakdown on blue! It's not one of my favorite colors but I never knew it had such a calming affect.

I have to say that I do like chocolate with ice blue together. I don't have any blues in my home so perhaps I may incorporate it.

We're a brown, red, mustard, sage and shockingly some terracotta (in the kitchen and family room...they are attached).

Thanks for all you share. Love ya.

Miss Janice said...

Oooh, at first I thought my two little dogs had visited your dog's bed! Those little babies are too cute! I love all your blue photos and love the new look of your site!

Lawsy Mercy said...

Hey there ~

I haven't forgotten about you but I called Williams-Sonoma and didn't care for the snooty person I talked to; I need to call back. There are free classes every Sunday (I think that was the day) and then there are paying classes.

Love your new blog.



Anonymous said...

Nancy, did you change your blog layout?

Blue has always been a calming color to me, but my temperament is more towards the fire colors.

I have some blog giveaways going on, please stop by and check them out (see left column on blog)

The Raggedy Girl said...

I loved your whole post on using blue in decorating but when I saw the kitchen with the bead board black splash I was like maybe I don't want tile but I want this which would cost less and we could do it all by ourselves. Thank you so much.

Roberta Anne

Anonymous said...

I am not a blue person but the rooms you've pictured here are SO prettty !!!

That sweet little sitting area with the yellow couch is adorable...love it..yellow is my fave color !!

Nice post Nancy,
Kathy :)

Essential Oil Premier University said...

Hi Nancy; I'm on who had on the word verfication, then took it off and had all kinds of problems. There are people in India hacking into systems. The word verification stops this from happening. It shut down my system and disabled me for awhile! My word verification has been put back onto my blog. So, I think that's one of the reasons.

Maybe you have the pop-ups turn off and this is preventing you from leaving comments?



Chris F. said...

Blue happens to be my favorite color. My favorite shade of blue is dark blue.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Thanks for sharing the "blue" pictures. Yep! Puppies will do that! :) Like your great finds. Apparently "the powers" know there is a problem with the word verification. The Southern Daydreamer posted about it. I did a test comment on mine and it was still working - maybe I will recheck.

Wendy said...

Nancy, I am loving your color tutorials and all the pictures you post. I love blue, almost as much as yellow. I first started looking at blogs to get ideas to help with decorating...your blog is soooooo helpful. I do know exactly what look I want in my house...just not sure how to get there. You are a such blessing!!! Thank you for sharing your expertise.
Warm regards,

Gone said...

Great post again, Nancy!!

I've taken off my Word Verification...a couple days ago, as a matter of fact, because ONE person emailed me and told me about the problem. I had it on, because I was getting "slammed" with SPAM!!! (Like 50-75 spam comments a day...and don't understand why!) I just hope that doesn't happen again, without Word Verification!!!


Linda said...

I always thought pink was my favorite color but I sure have alot of blue around my home. I love it!

~♥~ Monica S said...


You have some lovely blue rooms here.. I tried to make my basement livingroom blue.. but it's just not my color... I need warmth!! :-) so Now it's white and peach!

Puppies looks good!! So cute!

About the word verification, I have seen that problem too.. just write something.. and it'll come back.. this time WITH the word!!


Beth in NC said...

The pictures ARE beautiful! Now ... it has taken me years to switch my house from (1989) blue and rose colors to green, red, and tan. Now blue is coming back? lol Oh man!!!

Of course, I don't know where my daughter's ROSE PINK bedroom falls in all of this.

Now, the puppies ... shame on them. They are very cute though -- who can punish them?

Sue said...

Hi Nancy, Thank you for the tour,I especially loved the dream bedroom I have always like yellow and blue together. The pups are ever so cute.Thanks for the update.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Oh that Lucy and Hoss are little rascals ! Wow they are sure growing.Enjoyed your post today.

Sherri said...

Love all the blue photos! The purple room with browns and blue is amazing and love the yellow rooms with just a touch of blue too. Silly dogs, pulling apart their bed. Mine have torn up toys before and scattered stuffing all around. I love your little thrifty finds in blue too. I am a junk gal myself and made my own cloche today from a goodwill purchase!

Unknown said...


I am seriously considering changing our master bedroom to blue and yellow. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Oh boy, those rascals are feathering their nest and what beautiful finds you have. I am up for the party on Friday. Can't wait.


Dawn Marie said...

i love alot of those rooms done in blue..the one with the green and blue was pretty amazing and I certainly wouldnt have thought about those colors being mates.

your dogs are SOO cute! I'm still so thankful you found them and are giving them little stinkers a good home.

i to have not been able to comment on blogs with that word verification. I hope they figure it out soon.

Susie said...

Blue is a lovely color to decorate with. It adds such a cooling effect. Love the blue house.

Rue said...

Hi Nancy :)

Your blog looks gorgeous! I love the new look :)

I've so enjoyed catching up wih you. All the pictures are fantastic and Kitty's home was drool worthy!!

I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to personally thank you for the beautiful housewarming gift, but thank you so much!! I know you didn't send it to me so that you would be featured, but I wanted to share it :)


Bo said...

Wow...I almost missed this wonderful blue posting...I want to live in that blue cottage in the last photo too! Awww, mommy...we didn't know we did anything wrong...is what the babes look like they are saying...CUTE!;-) Bo

Jessica said...


I have been a little behind on my blog visits this week~ all my post where scheduled in advance. I've had Mammaw here. :)

Your babies are adorable! You give great advice and beautiful inpiration, as always.

Have a great weekend!

Hugs~ J

Sue said...

You know I love all this blue. Really great pictures. You come up with the best things my friend. I would have been honored if you used some of my photo's. Help your self any time you would like.