~And The Winner Is~

Did y'all think I had forgot about this.....well, your right! LOL Y'all have to keep me reminded! I was so busy Saturday with working and then I went to a Holiday Open House at The Southern Market, which I will show you tomorrow. Yesterday I was busy with Church and Napping...LOL that I didn't think about it till this morning! Oh, how I wish I could send you all a tassel, I would never have thought in a hundred years...I would have become blogging friends with so many wonderful ladies! I plan to do more of these tassel give aways...so make sure you check back often.
I want to thank everybody that entered! If you posted about the giveaway on your blog, your name was entered twice. If you bought a tassel during the give away...and left a comment your name was entered 3 times. Also, remember if you left a comment it had to say, that you wanted to be entered into the giveaway drawing....sooooo after reading every ones comments and making sure they had stated they wanted to be entered in the drawing....there were 62 entries.

This is how I chose to do the drawing.....#25 was the winner....oh btw, when I wrote down every ones name...I kept them in the order of the comment order!

Dawn at Dawnie's Life By The Sea.....Congratulations!!!! Please send your address to my email nancyrosalina@aol.com I will get this to you asap! I just know you will enjoy it!

Tomorrow we are going shopping again, girls! You know I was Born To Shop Not Mop...LOL I went to The Southern Market, Saturday after work, It was there Holiday Open House....Y'all are in for a trip!!!! Then the rest of the week I plan to start pulling out Christmas Decor, I will show you bits and pieces as I go along.
I want to thank you for stopping by and taking the time to visit! I appreciated every one of you!!!! Hope you all have a great week! Blessings to you all, Nancy


Unknown said...

Love to shop too. lol Looking forward to those pictures. mishelle

Gone said...

Congratulations to Dawnie's Life by the Sea!!!

Thanks Nancy...for having this drawing for the lovely tassel.


Miss Janice said...

Congratulations to Dawn! I can't wait for your photos from the show and of your holiday decorations!
Miss Janice

Darlene said...

Congratulations to Dawnie's Life by the Sea!!

I am so excited to start seeing all of your GORGEOUS (I can already say that cause I know it will be) Christmas decorations!!!

~♥~ Monica S said...

:) how much fun you must've had... and alot of work too I can imagine! Lucky lady by the sea!!!
That'll be a great thing to look at during the holidays.. and a lovely memory too.


Bo said...

What a sweet giveaway you had and congratulations to Dawnie by the Sea...I'll bet she is thrilled!
;-) Bo

Missy Wertz said...

Congratulations Dawn!!!

Carol said...

Many congratulations to Dawn for being the winner! :>)
Oh my, I can't wait to see your Christmas decorations, know it will be FABULOUS!


Lucky, Lucky Dawn...!!!
Looking forward to see all the Christmas decorations:) I so enjoy your blog and truly LOVE your tassels.

Tracey said...

Congrats to the lucky winner :)
I just got back from Nashville Nancy! Loved the Opryland hotel and mall! I am going to post about it soon.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Congrats Dawnie. that is a cute tassle Nancy .

Unknown said...

Hi Nancy, i got those flowers made out of wool felt (already made) at Pacific Fabrics. I bought the last ones at my local store. If u have one in your neck of the woods, tomorrow they r having a sale so go on there web site and print off the coupon. Vetren's day only sale. Mishelle