~Legends Ridge In Franklin~

After all that shopping, I am ready to eat! Put on your set belts and let's head to the Cheesecake Factory but first let's take detour through Legends Ridge. Legends Ridge sits between Nashville and Franklin right off Hillsboro Pike. If you've ever been to Nashville, then you know there is Big Gorgeous Homes everywhere! This subdivision is new to me..I had never seen it before, there is even security that you have to go through to get in. I'm not talking a gate with a code you have to put in....I'm talking a brick building with a security man sitting inside! I did not take picture of it because I was afraid!
This is the entrance...it looks like this on both sides going into the subdivision.

It was cloudy the day we went...so the sky looks white in these pictures.

This was my favorite!!!! Below is a close up of the front door. The thing about this house, that I have never seen was...it is brick with like a thin stuck-O finish over the brick...very old world looking...I hope if you click on the picture to enlarge it...you can see what I am talking about on the house. There was a couple of houses with this finish on them in this subdivision. I am loving it! When you enlarge the picture, notice the wall around the driveway and notice the stone around the trees in the front yard....Oh, the detail!! I would love to have seen the inside of this house!!!!!

You can see some of the Fall and Halloween decor on the porch. That door is breathtaking gorgeous!!!

I wish you could see that big tree in the front yard! It made this home look like a picture in a magazine!

This one looks so enchanting to me. I hope you can see the detail of this brick! This picture doesn't do it justice.

Try clicking on these pictures, I think you can enlarge them and check out all the Great Fall Decor!
This is the other house{above} that has brick with what I call a Stuck-O finish over it...click on the pictures to enlarge. If anyone knows what this technique is called let me know.

Loved that breeze way porch!
Well, that sums up our Legends Ridge Tour. I was so afraid that security man was going to get a call that someone was taking pictures, and we would get run out of there or worse..he would confiscate my camera...LOL Hope you all enjoyed the tour.
Okay, I know, enough already! You're ready to eat! Well, you'll have to wait till another day. I know, I am teasing you, right? Cheesecake factory will come tomorrow. I still have a few Christmas Pictures from the BlackLion to post, but I am going to save them till after Halloween.

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Thank you everybody for stopping by today and Blessings to you all, Nancy


Gone said...

Thanks for the beautiful HOME tour. Your favorite, is my favorite, too!!!

CMB said...

I Love Franklin too...I agree with your favorite. I will have to look for this neighborhood next time I am in the area! Thanks for stopping by!

Suzann said...

oh my - what magnificent homes. I wonder if the insides are as impressive as the outsides! Thank you for the wonderful tour.

Essential Oil Premier University said...

Oh, what I wouldn't give to get inside of those home. BEAUTIFUL!! My favorite, from the outside, is the same as yours. I'm just thankful for not having to clean them!!



Darlene said...

Oh WOW...I could definitely live in ANY of those homes...wouldn't that be just too COOL!!!!! Maybe when I win the lottery.....hehehe

Stacey said...

Nancy, wouldn't you just love to knock on the door and see inside of some of those houses? A couple of weeks ago some friends and I went on a charity home tour in a neighborhood that looks like that. After we saw the one house we decided to drive around the neighborhood. The security guard came and chased us out!! I guess we looked scary - you know four women in a white SUV!!

Cheryl said...

Nancy, what beautiful homes! My favorite is your favorite. It seems to be the popular one. I love the old world look. Love your shopping trip and those cupcakes, Oh my! Yummy.

Cheryl said...

Just a note, I bought your love bird tassel. I heart it! Can't wait to see it.
Thank you,

Sue said...

OH, MY!! BEAUTIFUL. I think my favorite is the one that you said was yours. I would LOVE to see the inside.

nikkicrumpet said...

WOWZER...can you imagine living in one of those beauties! And the landscaping is scrumptious. I'll take one of each please!!!! Thanks for the tour. I loved it!

PAT said...

Hi Nancy...we're back from Big Cedar and I'm trying to do a bit of catching up.

This post is beautiful!

One of my favorite things to do when I lived in Nashville was driving around, seeing all the gorgeous homes. We've visited Nashville a few times over the years and I always love these drives, while in the area.

Robin Beck said...

How in the world did you get a picture of my neighborhood on your blog? :) Just messing with you- My neighborhood is nice but not quite that nice! Loved all your photos!
Thanks for the beautiful tour!
I'm glad you didn't get your camera confiscated-You have more nerve then I do taking photos everywhere! I'm so thrilled you have that nerve because I just love seeing all the sights you have taken us to this week! Thanks!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Sweet Nancy! What a wonderful home tour! Great camera shots! So many beautiful homes! Wishing you a wonderful weekend dear!


Sue said...

I loved all of the homes on the tour. Thanks for taking the time to show us all.

Blessings ,

Dawn Marie said...

oh man, what beautiful homes. I love nashville and your right--there are gorgeous homes all over.

Tracey said...

Thanks for the tour Nancy! Your fave is mine too! Gorgeous!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Nancy , I love those houses....
My mother has a vision of a cream rooster with toile and checkered material. Is it possible? I rolled my eyes but i told her i would ask you. mishelle

Ashlie said...

These homes are gorgeous! I love that stucco finish on the brick, too. I've never toured any of the neighborhoods in Nashville, but maybe I should next time I'm there. I love to window shop for houses! Ha!

Sue said...

I love that third house with the brick finish you like. Thanks for the gorgeous tour. We live in an area with many crafts people from Italy. One of these days I need to get out with my camera to take some pictures to share too.

Heartfelt living said...

Oh Nancy those homes are just beautiful. I love them all! Actually, I love Tennesse in general it is great State. We visited a few years back and we can't wait to go again!