~I Need To Pick Your Brain~

Okay Girls, I need to pick your brain.....Our church is having a Trunk or Treat on the 31st. I always sign up every year and do a few little decorations in the trunk. However, this year they are having a contest for the best decorated trunk, there will be a prize given away also. Now, you all know, I really don't care as much about the prize as I do just winning that contest....The Best Decorated Trunk!!! I think it might be a sin if I don't win...LOL. We have a couple that always goes all out...with clown costumes and such....so the clown stuff is out of the question. We do have to keep it clean and modest...nothing evil....no witches or any thing like that. I have NOT had any ideas to pop into my head as of yet...so I am pitching this out to all you wonderful, talented, smart decorators!!! Yes, I am begging for any IDEAS!!!!
I hope everyone is having a great week! I will be busy the rest of the week, getting ready for a yard sale on Saturday. Anyone in the Knoxville area that wants to come....if you will send me a email, I will send you directions. Thanks everybody for any ideas you can send my way.....take some time to think about it. I want start getting things ready till the week of Halloween. If you have an idea to pop into your brain...just send it this way! Blessings to you all! Nancy


Tracey said...

I'll have to put my thinkin' cap on......

Robin Beck said...

I wonder if anyone has ever made the trunk into a big pumpkin? It sounds like it's a big kids deal if people are dressing up in clowns... I'll have to really think about this. I wonder if anyone has ever made their trunk look like it's the trunk in a fishbowl you know the one that opens with all the loot in it but it would be candy in it and you could hang small white/pearl or blue ballons in a line coming out of it as water bubbles and dress like fish or the aqua man? I need more time to think and if I come up with something good I'll pop back over...I am interested to hear what others say too! :)

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hm-m-m-m--m-m, I'm thinking .Has anybody ever filled the trunk up with leaves and mix the candy in with the leaves. It would kinda be like a treasure hunt for them.
Let us know what you come up with.

southerninspiration said...

You could do sort of like a mini carnival theme, and have a couple of small games, like bean bag toss, etc. OR you could do a candy theme....like m&m's and dress up like m&m's or Mike and Ike, or hershey's kisses, etc.....line the whole trunk with aluminum foil, and wear silver and give out hershey's kisses????

Robin Beck said...

Nancy to leave the heart in a comment or on your blog just push the "alt" button on your computer and the number 3 on your 10 key to the right ♥♥♥! Push the alt and the number 1 and you get ☺
You can try all the numbers to get different symbols... I laugh because a 10 year old taught me this! A wonderful, beautiful smart 10 year old girl!
Looks like you are getting some nice ideas for your trunk-We want to see photos! :)

Unknown said...

Nancy, this Friday would be great to list the tassels, my mom keeps bugging me about them, she is excited. mishelle

Unknown said...

Oh how about adding wheels to the trunk and a handle, like a hay ride thingy filled with hay and a shovel and some pumpkins , leaves and a crow and a pumpkin man person , or make it look like a wheel barrel, filled with stuff. Or make it into a coffin, with that ice stuff for smoke and make a dracula pop out with scary music. I am justing brainstorming away, hopefully it makes sence. mishelle

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy! How fun this sounds! I don't know how big the trunk is but could you turn it into a haunted house? Complete with fake fog coming out of it and creepy crawlies. You could do a street scene inside it if you have any Christmas houses and decorate them spooky? Or make it a treasure chest full of creepies and goodies with slime mixed in OR go the pretty route and make a huge floral display using a black tree with candy hanging and falling off it mixed in with leaves and pumpkins and a few ghosts! Hope something will trigger an idea for you??? Have Fun and don't forget to take a picture for us when you WIN!!! Have a great day - Jeannette

Dawn Marie said...

I'm horrible with this kind of thing. Nothing scary though, so pumpkins wouldnt be a bad idea..there are so many different kinds of pumpkins, colors and add the leaves and the person themself be a pumpkin would be kinda neat.

Stacey said...

Nancy, We have this event at my church too and I've never attended. I will ask around for ideas today.

Good luck on that yard sale!


Darlene said...

My computer has been down at home so I saw your comment and came over here now (while I am at work..hehehe). Sounds like you have great ideas already. Maybe also smaller hay bales with scarecrows and pumpkins in the trunk. Some battery powered orange lights would be good too to hang all around. I'm still thinking on it.

Stacey said...

Nancy, I just had an idea...Like I said I've never attended Trunk or Treat at my church. Honestly I thought trunk meant the trunk of your car..not necessarily a trunk. Make sense?

Either way, how about a Raider's of the Lost Ark theme. If you are actually using some sort of boxy trunk you could make it look like an ark. It's a popular theme with the movies just being released..bet you could get costumes easily. Probably could find game ideas by Googling.

Rue said...

Hi Nancy :)

I'm loving the pumpkin idea. You could paint the whole thing orange and paint a face on it and then the trunk would open where the mouth is. Then you could fill it with candy and halloween stuff from the dollar store :)

Good luck!!


Essential Oil Premier University said...

Hmmm, how about a Wizard of Oz trunk? I'm not sure how elaborate you wish to get, but you could do the yellow brick road, with the scare crow, tin man and lion and of course Dorothy with the ruby slippers. Kind of like a little scene from the movie. You could use stuffed animals, scare crows are in abundance this time of the year and tin man could be made with foil.

Just an idea. I think it could be cute.



Lawsy Mercy said...

Hi Nancy ~

Ah, a Trunk or Treat - how fun! I have an idea that might be too silly but I will share anyway. You could make a water scene. The bottom of the trunk would be decorated with a blue material so it would be water for the "ocean", etc. The top of the trunk would be decorated in white clouds or something fluffy like batting, etc. The candy could be placed in "boats" that are resting in the "water". You and your hubby could be captains, fishermen, you could be a mermaid, etc. Anyway, just a thought. Have fun and let us know what you decide on decorations!

Also, I would love to come to your yard sale. Please send directions to me. My email addy is lawsymercy@yahoo.com



Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,

What a great idea and such fun to decorate! You had mentioned in your commment on my blog about possibly using the "boo" lights on your trunk. Just to let you know in case you haven't found any, I got mine at the AC Moore craft store. And the best part?? They were only $7.99!

Have fun with it!