~Fancy Nancy @ The BlackLion~

Y'all ask for more....so you got it! Don't forget my name over at RMS is Shop Till I Drop....aka...Shop. We're going to the Fancy Nancy's booth at The Black Lion. All these pictures came from the that one booth. It is with out a doubt my favorite booth! Loaded with what I would say is this Fancy Nancy's style :) Fancy Nancy's has lots of Monogrammed pillows for the home.

I regret not getting these cute coasters...they are so whimsical. What was I thinking???? I may have to give Fancy Nancy's a call and see if she will mail these to me.

This pillow above and the bedding below was gorgeous!!! I love toile and these colors work so great together. These bunnies would have went so good with the bedding above!

Adorable Teapot Lamp!! Couldn't you absolutely find a spot for it! I could!

Very cute bag!

Tons of poofy pillows!

Take a look at these children's chairs. Aren't they neat! I wanted one and I don't have any small children..LOL This is a board that hangs in the booth...it shows some of the chairs that Fancy Nancy's has made.
This is one of the chairs! You know you want one too! They are so sweet!

More competition, I need to buy up all these so no one else can! ;)

This is another regret! I have noticed a couple of pillows in this picture that I didn't notice when I took this picture. I like them all, but I want the red and yellow toile and the plaid ones, maybe the black ones with the red transferware too. :)
I took this picture to show case this table. I thought it was gorgeous, I could not take my eyes off of it...I guess that's why I didn't notice the pillows better. :)

Here's a close up of that table that I was in Awe of.

Loved these French Country plaques! My favorite colors!

Fancy Nancy's makes custom drapes and valances. There were several hanging in the booth. This one is my favorite....My favorite colors again.

Don't that just says it all! Home is the Perfect Nest!!! I know all y'all would agree with that!

More monogrammed pillows!

Another cute handbag.
This sums up Fancy Nancy's at The BlackLion. Listen girls, I do love to shop. Lots of times I don't buy a thing, like this trip! People ask me, how can you go shopping and never buy a thing, well I always ask myself, can I live with out it...if I answer, Yes...then I pass it up. I know we can always live without buying STUFF, but sometimes I do find something that I THINK I can't live without it. I also enjoy shopping for a couple of friends and family members. Girls, I can shop at the $ Tree or Yard Sales and yes, even Macy's. I just enjoy looking and you never no what treasure you just might find, I also look for bargins, I just don't like to pay full price if I can help it. Love to use coupons to, nothing wrong with that! If you saw anything you couldn't live with out, just let me know, I have the Phone number for Fancy Nancy's. Now, I am off to call her about those coasters:)
There is one more shopping day to come from the BlackLion, and I promise it's not as long as this one was. It's a just a few Christmas pictures from the BlackLion. Then, after all that shopping, I know you all have shopped up an appetite, so we will stop by The Cheesecake Factory for a bite, but first on the way to eat will be touring Legends Ridge subdivision between Franklin and Nashville.
Blessings to you all, Nancy...aka...Shop


Suzann said...

Oh my this shop is filled to the top with yummy stuff! The bedding and that pillow with those bunnies - oh my goodness, this is delightful!!! I don't know if I could have resisted that (okay, I'm sure I could have because of cost, but it's nice to dream).
I'm a huge shopping browser. I love to go to a slew of stores, admire their goods and find things that strike my fancy. Sometimes I can make it or find it cheaper and sometimes I just walk away, and every now and again I buy it.
More shopping and Cheesecake Factory!? Can I be your best friend???

Gone said...

I'm coming to Tennessee (just as soon as I can walk better)...just to go shopping with you!!! I bet we could really have a great time together!!!

All of Fancy Nancy's things are beautifull!!

Have a blessed week.


Stacey said...

The green toile bedding and the valance. Those are my favorites! That place looks like it's too fun. :)

Robin Beck said...

I'm just like you...I just love looking but can go without buying-I also love gathering ideas! And your wonderful shopping trip has given me a few great ideas for my home...Thank you! I'm really enjoying this tour so very much!

Becky said...

Oh my dear Nancy. You've got to stop showing all of this wonderful stuff. My head is still spinning from cleaning out closets yesterday and now all I want to do is ditch the idea of going back to cleaning them out today, getting into my car and driving as fast as I can to Nashville (by the way which is 4 hours from where I live) and buying everything you have shown us for the last couple of days. (Whew, that was a mouth full)! They so did not, I repeat did not have all that eye candy when I was there a couple of months ago. I guess they are stocking up for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Morning Nancy! Now I must must go and make a monogrammed pillow! Just beautiful!! Have a great day! Thanks for the heads up on how many days left til Christmas!!!lol

Unknown said...

How did you come home without all those treasures. You have wonderful taste and I would be broke if I shopped with you.....Love, love, love all the pictures.

Unknown said...

You r a STRONG women. Lots of good stuff in that booth, I don't know how u could not buy anything. lol

Ashlie said...

Another treasure-filled post! I'm the same as you when it comes to shopping. Usually, I'll find something I love and I'll carry it around with me to "decide on" and then end up putting it back because "I don't really need it", or, "I shouldn't spend that much on this", or, "I can live without it." I call myself a thrifty shopper but maybe I'm just cheap! Ha! Also, like you, I can't stand to pay full price for something! I've even been known to put something at the very back of the rack or shelf hoping it won't sell so I can come back when it goes on sale! Do you think I have a problem? :)

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

HI Nancy,

WOW!! Im in love with everything , what a fabulous store!! I am drooling over that chair, it would be perfect for my FR! and all the pillows and accessories are to die for!! what a feast for the eyes! Love it all ;)! I'll take one of each ;)

~ Hugs ~ Cyn

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Oh Nancy, I feel so stupid! LOL! I thought you meant Fancy Nancy the kid's book series! I guess my comment from yesterday made no sense whatsoever! LOLOL! I love the grown-up version of Fancy Nancy here you have pictured! LOL! And I mean I really love it! The striped monogrammed pillows are gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing! :) ~Rhonda

nikkicrumpet said...

OH LORDY...there were a dozen pillows that had my name on them!!! and that bedding was scrumptious....It's a good thing I don't live anywhere close to that shop. We'd be so broke!!!!

Picket said...

Ohhh wee girl..I'd have to get a buggy and shop in all that eyecandy! lol Loved the tour!

southerninspiration said...

Oh my, that's some serious cuteness...and guess what? I have that rectangular bag! We have the same taste! Love all your finds.....whether you bought 'em or not!

Tracey said...

I can't wait to check out this place!!!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I enjoyed the shopping trip Nancy, my feet sure are tired ! Ha !

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Oh my goodness Ms. Nancy - that booth is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. And yes, you must get those toile pillows and I especially love the black ones. I need those!!!! The tassels - so you, and the monogrammed pillows - I bet your jaw was dragging the floor - hehe. So glad you got to enjoy that and thanks so much for sharing. Have a blessed day! Cathy

Hopechest Bride said...

Wow. I loved everything. Did you happen to see how much that bedding and beautiful tasseled pillow cost? I love the color and pattern. Thanks for the show.

Anonymous said...


I was reading your blog about Black Lion and enjoying all the wonderful things they have and then I spied that teapot lamp. Now I'm going to have to drive to Charlotte, NC to Black Lion and I sure hope they have one there too.

Thanks for the tour. Now I've got to go shopping.


Anonymous said...

I have been so busy with sales (I make and sell seasonal decor at local shows from Sept. to Dec.) than I haven't had much blog-visiting time. Wow! Have I missed out on YOUR adventures. Those spots you have been visiting look wonderful! What a blast. Oh I LOVE the Recipes links you shared on one of your recent posts!!! I just copied that so I will have no excuses for not being able to find the perfect recipe in a few days for my Holiday Baking!!! You're a doll! Keep up your great blogging work---I love it!!!!! dana