~Celebrate Life @ The BlackLion In Nashville~

Are you ready to shop some more, Okay let's roll! This is the BlackLion in Nashville located at the Opry Mills Mall. There are a few BlackLions around, so check your area to see if you have one close by. The BlackLion is a Huge store that is full of different booths. Each booth is decorated by different individuals that maybe own gift shops or decor shops. There will be 3 post on the BlackLion. Hope y'all enjoy. I loved this little plate...to me "Celebrate Life" sums it all up!
This is the front of the BlackLion. Huge Store!!!

Oh, I looked and looked for a "N"! There was none to be found! Aren't they cute! I just loved the leopard print on them!

This little booth was a little on the primitive side, but very pretty!

One booth was all silver and puter.

Oh, somebody hold my mule...I just about flipped when I saw all these! I was in awe and in a hurry and could not decide which ones to get....so I didn't get any:(

Another weakness....Lamps!!!! Beautiful lamps!!!

I heart that green lamp!

I heart this too...What ever it's called!

All little bit prissy, I would say! Gorgeous!

Cute Bookmarks!

Black with white! I loved them!!!
Next up will be a booth at the BlackLion that is named "Fancy Nancy" You girls, will not believe it! I took enough pictures of that one booth for probably two posts, but I am going to show them all in one post!
Thanks everyone for stopping by! Blessings to you all! Nancy


Darlene said...

I would have been in shopping heaven in that place. It looks HUGE too....what FUN!

If you get a chance stop by my blog...you have been BOO-ed!♥

Stacey said...

That looks like one giant girly shopping trip! Love all the monograms.

Come share a recipe with me if you can.

Pamela said...

Wow! What a store!

Oh, and if you're interested in the color on Clinch Mountain, it's starting to show some now. I'm far from an expert, but it will probably be really nice in a couple of weeks. Finally starting to get a bit of red in places.

Becky said...

Good morning Nancy. I had a Nashville overnight a couple of months ago and went to the Blacklion. OMG!!! It's incredible! However, they did not have those cute little monogrammed towels with the animal print or the black ones and they did not have those cute little tags. WHAT!!! Now I'm on the hunt for another Nashville overnight!

Missy Wertz said...

It looks like such a fun place to go to.

Essential Oil Premier University said...

Thank you for taking us shopping with you. I enjoyed it an am looking forward to our next shopping trip too.



Dawn Marie said...

ohhhh I LOVE that foo-foo purse. I love the plate to. I hope to get to Nashville this winter..I'll be SOOOO running to this store.

nikkicrumpet said...

I'm gonna have to remember to get a towel for the next shopping trip. I have to wipe up the drool! There are sure some wonderful things...however did you resist????

Anonymous said...

Morning Nancy! I ADORE those black/white towels and I am off to duplicate those bookmarks!!lol What a fantastic place; no fair there is absolutely nothing like that here!!! Totally enjoying our shopping trip! Take care, Jeannette

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy! Love the shopping trip! Thanks for sitting at my table and I'm so glad you like my little cafe curtains! I made those a few years ago!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ")

Tracey said...

Hi Nancy,
Is that store any where near the Opry Land Motel? That is where I will be staying and I'd love to check that store out!

Robin Beck said...

I must visit there someday!

Hey Nancy,

Stop on by my blog...you have been boo-ed!! ~♥~

nikkicrumpet said...

Thanks for the info Nancy...I'm gonna go check it out!! I love stuff like that! Take care!

~♥~ Monica S said...

ah,, wish we had store like that over here... We don't in our neighbourhood anyway. I miss America!!! But maybe I should be glad.. my house woud be full of things I really don't need if I had had access.. hehe

julie & joe said...

I love the plate too! Can you move next door to me? I think we would have such fun! I have an embroidery machine and I am always looking for something to use it on.

Rue said...

Hi Nancy :)

I'm not tired at all! This is the best shopping trip I've been on in a long time, so keep it coming ;)

Oh and I checked out the price on the big white beauty and they have got to be out of their minds LOL


Tracey said...

Thanks so much for all the info on Nashville Nancy!! We are going in 2weeks. I am not sure what part of the Opryland motel we are staying in. I am gonna check out that mall for sure!! Can't wait to see your other Nashville posts!
:) Tracey

Suzann said...

What an awesome place to spend an afternoon! All that eye candy.

CMB said...

I went to BlackLion a few months ago for the first time...I was so overwhelmed I couldn't buy anything! Next trip I will be more prepared!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Nancy! Looks like you had a great vacation! I love Black Lion! I visit the one in Charlotte, NC...over by the racetrack. What an amazing place! I love all the lamps you shared! A huge weakness of mine! LOL! Can't wait to see the Fancy Nancy booth! Ashley is way too old for Fancy Nancy, but my niece is only 5, and I plan to get her some books for Christmas!

Hope you have been doing well! Missed you and I am so glad to be back with you guys! :) ~Rhonda

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Oh, I a love the big white topiary in the earlier post! I had NO IDEA just how expensive it could possibly be! I was blown away at the price, when I enlarged it! LOL!

Robin Beck said...

Hi Nancy,
I'm back, I only had enough time to boo you this morning...I had doctors appointments the WHOLE day today.
But I just wanted to tell you this was my favorite shopping trip of all the ones you took...I thought I was going to pass out checking out all those tea towels-BEAUTIFUL!
Hope you are having a great week,

Ashlie said...

I'm lovin' all these pics full of eye candy!! Love that store but don't get to go often enough. Thanks for showing us all the goodies!

southerninspiration said...

Oh, I NEED to come and see this place myself! I'm not sure how I missed it when I was there over the summer!!!!! That's REAL regret!;)