~Can't Keep A Southern Gal Down For Long~

Thank you EVERYONE that has been praying for me! I know you all have been praying, because I can feel the prayers!!! Thank you for all the emails and comments, it has been so uplifting to read them...you gals are the best!!! I have spent the last 4 days in bed! I told my hubby I could not take another day laying in this bed! I would try to get up and do a few things, but just couldn't do anything! The doctor said yesterday that I wouldn't start feeling better for a couple of more days, but let me tell you God is in control! I slept so good last night...didn't get up even one time! When I woke up this morning, I felt sooooo good....still have a congested cough, but no fever!PTL!! I will still take it easy today, but girls this bedroom has got to be cleaned....those sheets have got to go!LOL:)
Oh, I want to thank my son, Aaron, I had been asking him for several weeks to help me redo my layout, I think he was feeling bad for me, because last night, he came and said, "Mom, are you ready for me to do your layout"....I jumped on the offer! Girls, he had it done in minutes, it would have taken me hours!!! Thank You Aaron! By the end of the day, I hope my bedroom looks like this again!
Again, I want to thank you all...I will be making my rounds a little at a time to thank each one of you personally! You blogging gals are the best!
Jan, I am planning on attending that tea party for your birthday tomorrow! I might be a little late on getting it together, but count me in!
I hope everyone has a great day and blessings to you all! Nancy


Gone said...

Great to hear that you're feeling better! We've been praying...for sure! You and your hubby are on the Come To Jesus and Pray post today! (The post is newly revised, combining Day of Prayer and Come To Jesus, Tues and Wed posts)

I look forward to the Birthday Tea Party tomorrow and am glad you'll be able to make it!


Darlene said...

I am so glad you are feeling so much better!!! YEA!!! I love your new layout and header it looks great!

I think I could just LIVE in your BEAUTIFUL bedroom!!! It is GORGEOUS!!!!

nikkicrumpet said...

YAY you sound like things are getting better. And you're right...those sheets need to go lol. Your bedroom is too beautiful to be sporting floral sheets! Don't get using up too much energy...slow down and take care of yourself!

nikkicrumpet said...

Oh Duh! The new layout looks really pretty!!! He did a great job!

Georgia Girl said...

So glad your up and about some Nancy! Yep God is in control! I love your new header. It took me some time to get mine done to...and still I try to tweak it here and there.

Love your bedroom!

Anyway so glad your feeling better but do take care of yourself. Hugs!

southerninspiration said...

Oh,so glad to hear that the chick is not so sick anymore!;) and the Aaron is a genius! I would love him to visit me...and I do have a daughter that is a junior, too! ;)
love the re-do and so,so glad to hear you are on the mend!
Take care and don't over-do!


Stacey said...

Such a beautiful room to get well in. Don't try to do too much. Maybe a nap this afternoon? :)

Anonymous said...

Morning Nancy! Just stoppin in to check on you and glad to see you are up and movin! Take it slow you don't want a relapse! The coughing is the worse it just grabs you when you least expect it but glad you got a good night! Kids were born with the computer gene I think! I'm always asking my daughter stuff! Take care - Sincerely, Jeannette Blog is looking good!!!

Unknown said...

Glad you r feeling better. Yes that will be great , just let me know when you r done and listed them. No hurry Nancy take your time. As long as i know you can make them I can wait. mishelle

Unknown said...

Oh, Love the new Header. wish i had someone to do mine too. It would take me days and i still probably would not have figured it out. lol mishelle

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Glad to hear your doing a little better Nancy!! and btw, omg, your bedroom is stunning!! I want my bedroom to look that way too, lol, but it usually looks like the first pic too ;) Hope you have a great week! Im going to order Dove tails too now, looks great! Thanks for sharing and feel ALL better soon! and your page looks great too, what a sweetheart of a son!! ~ hugs and wishes~ Cynthia

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
I'm so glad you're feeling better. I must say, your bedroom is stunning!! Even in the first picture - LOL!! Just gorgeous!

Your blog layout is lovely too. Aaron did a fabulous job!

Hugs to you,

Robin Beck said...

God is so great isn't he? I'm so thrilled to hear you are feeling so much better.
And that son of yours... You just send Aaron right over here to me! That young man could make some money on his layouts-Yours is beautiful!
Speaking of beautiful... WOW! I do love your room Nancy it is stunning!
Have a great day and don't over do it!

Heather said...

Nancy - it was so lovely to have you come and visit BeTasseled! Your comment was just too fun! I'm so glad to meet another tassel addict! Your tassels as so beautiful! Obviously, I am just a latecomer copycat to the tassel world, but I am having so much fun! I searched and searched for a tutorial and then just worked it out as I went along! Such joy! I was so happy to share my kernel of knowledge with others through the blog world - but I did get in a wee bit of trouble for it! Oh well - I never said I was original - just havin' some fun! It's so nice to meet you!

Sorry you have been ill - I suffer with chronic illness and know just how difficult some days can be - hope you are on the mend!


Missy Wertz said...

So glad that you are feeling better! Hugs!

Lamp Tramp said...

I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better. What an exquisite bedroom!

I got my tassels yesterday, I'm slow in responding as I'm packing for vacay. Your tassels are so beautiful as I knew they would be! I hope to post them shortly as I'm taking a break from the CHORES of going out of town!

CIELO said...

Hi Nancy! Every time I visit your little cozy virtual home looks better.... so pretty! :)

May God bless you and yours


Essential Oil Premier University said...

Oh Gee, I'm about in the same boat as you are. I just got home from the hospital ~ spent two days there after injuring my back painting my bedroom ceiling. So, here I am laying on my back, looking at a freshly painted ceiling, walls yet need to be done and the room is completely TORN APART because we were in the middle of working on it. I'll be glad to be back up and around again soon too. My doctor won't let me do anything until he sees me on Thursday.

So glad that you are feeling better!!



Unknown said...

Hi Nancy,
Your blog looks terrific!

I'm so glad you are feeling better!

9405018--Pat said...

So glad your feel better!
Your blog looks great!
Pat H

Tamara Jansen said...

Glad to hear you may soon be back up and going.....love your bedroom, by the way! Wish mine looked that good :)

Jessica said...

Your bedroom is GORGEOUS, oh I would never leave. :) I'm glad you are starting to feel better and I LOVE your new layout and header. :)

Hugs, J,

nikkicrumpet said...

Nancy....it was YUMMY YUMMY YUMMO! So easy and so tasty. In fact I raced home from work tonight and my belly was grumbling...we didn't eat it all last night so I was looking forward to leftovers. Well I guess I should have drove faster, because my hubby had beaten me home and EATEN IT ALL!!! Rotten chicken & noddles piggy! I guess I'll have to make some more real soon. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. It's a KEEPER!

Dawn Marie said...

Your bedroom looks awesome DIRTY! lol

What a beautiful room. Glad your feeling better, I've been sick to, wsa sick thru my sons wedding..

I want to learn how to do layouts also, tqkes time which I dont seem to have alot of.

Gone said...

Hope you're feeling MUCH better today!! Thanks for the birthday wishes!!! Take care...


PAT said...

I have fallen behind in my visits and had no idea you have been sick. I hope you are feeling much better!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Nancy, Just stopping in to see how you are feeling and I am so glad to hear you are up and better! Your bedroom is beautiful. If you have to be sick, what a great place to rest and recuperate in! :) ~Rhonda

Tracey said...

So glad you are on the mend, Nancy!
What a sweet son to change your layout!! Can you send him to my house?...LOL
I tried unsuccessfully to change mine the other day and ended up deleting my blog friends list.
Took me forever to add everyone back. So, I won't be trying that again.
:) Tracey

bj said...

I am sooo thankful that you are feeling better...
Your bedroom is just beautiful...I want one just like it!!
Yep, the chore of picking up the pecans after they fall can really be hard...especially when there's so MANY. We are going to have a fun GATHERING DAY when it is time...have all the grandkids and kids over to PICK 'EM UP...then I'll fix something really good for dinner...think it will work?? ;O)
love, bj

Sue said...

Hi Nancy,
Sorry to hear that you have been sick. I've been fighting off a cold since I got home on Monday from spending the weekend with sniffling little grandbabies.

Love your bedroom. What a cozy beautiful room to recover in.

Glad to hear you are feeling better.


Ashlie said...

Glad you're feelin' better! And I think your bedroom is beautiful either way!