~Pink Saturday At Mom's House~

Every Saturday Beverly over at http://howsweetthesound.typepad.com/ Hosts Pink Saturday. Thank You Beverly for always hosting such a wonderful event!
When you are finished here...run on over and check out Pink Saturday with Beverly. It's Pink Saturday....so let's go to Mom's Condo. For this post I thought I would share a little of my Mom's Condo, some of these pictures will not have any pink, but red is a shade of pink...right. Mom's condo is only about 1200 sq ft and it is packed with STUFF...she is 72 years young and moved from a 2500 sq ft house. She didn't want to get rid of enough stuff, but believe me...she ( I mean WE) cleaned out a lot of treasures she had accumulated over the years. Hope y'all enjoy the Pink Saturday Post.Mom's Bathroom....all PinkLots of Pink eye candy in her bath room. The rest of these pictures will not all have pink...but this one below does...notice the Pink on the hat that is on the angel.
I am sure there is something Pink in this Kitchen...LOL OH, she doesn't always have all those glasses sitting on that Bar Top...She had just bought those at an estate sale...and wanted me to see them, that day.
There is a little bunny sitting on top of one of those canisters, and she has on a Pink outfit...do you see it...it's really small...you might need your specs to see it...LOL This is MY birdcage....I don't know why I ever let her have it...but she has given me so much and we are always swapping STUFF. Oh, that flower on top of the bird cage has Pink tips.

This dresser sits in her foyer, it's decor is forever changing! The doll has Pink lace around her dress.

There is nothing Pink about this picture, but I had to show it to you all...It use to hang over my PINK bed when I was a little girl. It use to hang in my Mom's bedroom when she was a child also. It's so old, I have no idea how old. It is showing it's age, badly, but I LOVE it and will always treasure it! Oh, I do see some Pink flowers on the girls hat....:)
This chair is more red...I don't know why it looks orange. It is a very comfortable chair! I would love to have it, someday.
This is the guest bathroom....all done is purple and yellow, but I think I see a Pinkish butterfly sitting in that swing....Yes, that is a swing hanging on the shower rod...Mom use to have this swing in her sun room, it's one of those things she couldn't part with. No one uses this shower, so it made the perfect spot to put it. This is an OLD kitchen cabinet, notice the Pink Wreath hanging on the side of the cabinet.

This hangs in the Guest Bedroom....a little pink here too. See any Pink in this one? This is a little table and lamp that sits in the front bedroom. I think that is a beautiful lamp with the Pink flowers on it.
This is the top of Mom's dresser...That picture is Mom when she was expecting ME! She didn't even know she was going to have a baby when this picture was Painted, she found out a few days later. I think she is the most BEAUTIFUL Lady in the World! Oh, there is a little Pink something or other sitting there too.
This is a area on the top of the kitchen counter top...and yes, I do see something Pink, it's a little jar with nuts sitting in it and it has a Pink top on it. I knew there would be something Pink in almost ALL of these pictures.

Last, a little shelf with some Pink on it.

Hope you all have enjoyed a little tour of Mom's Condo.

I know, I have not posted Part 2 of that 9400 sq ft house, Yet. I have been so busy this week, trying to get my house fall ready and I did 2 party post. I tell you, I am one partied out gal! I will show part 2 of the Big House next week and give you a sneak peek of Fall in My Home.

I want to thank everyone that came by during my party posts...I just love to hear from all y'all!~
If you don't hear from me on Monday....I will be busy doing Fall stuff! I will be back on Tuesday.

Be sure and go over the Beverly's...you can click on the Pink Lady in my sidebar, and it will take you there.

Hope all of you have a GREAT weekend! ~Nancy~


Bee Haven Bev said...

Your Mom is definitely a Pink Lady!! Thanks for sharing her with us!

Darlene said...

I love all the pictures in your mom's condo. I do think there was pink in every one of the pictures. It is decorated beautifully and I know your mom loves it.

I dread the cleaning out when my parents decide to move to their home here....cause there is going to be tons of junk and stuff.... Can't wait for them to move though!
Hope you have a great Pink Saturday!

Gone said...

What awesome photos!!!

I LOVE the picture that hangs above the bed...with the little girl, hat in her lap ~ with pink roses on it!!!

Happy PINKness day!


ps...I see a new "facelift" again!! Nice!!!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Nancy, Your mom has a lot of pretty treasures! I love the little cherub with the hat and the flowered lamp on the little table!

Oh, and the strawberry donuts were courtesy of Wal-mart! LOL! I went in the day before the party, on a hunt for anything PINK! LOL! They were in the deli section, and pretty tasty!

~Rhonda :)

Grandma Faith said...

Thank you for sharing all the pink treasures. My favorite is the picture of the little girl with the birds. How special that you have it for such a long time. Take care.

Glennis said...

Hi, I love the tour of your mom's place. How cozy and friendly.

I love the pink potatoes!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Virginia said...

Thanks for the tour. LOvely pink trasures.
Happy Pink Saturday!
Blessings, Virginia

Tricia said...

Your mom has a lot of neat stuff in her condo. Happy Pink Saturday

SmilingSally said...

The most treasured item I saw was the used Bible she owns. Happy Pink Saturday!

Lamp Tramp said...

How pretty, love Mom's condo and all her lovely antiques. Thanks for the pink saturday!
Again, thanks for the Photbucket tip, I've had so much fun with it!

Tracey said...

Thanks for taking us to visit you mom's condo and sharing her pink treasures. I think I see a resemblance in your picture and your mom's :)

Patricia said...

Love, love all these pinks - especially the scarf over the mantel. Happy Pink Saturday.

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Enjoyed my tour of your Mom's sweet condo! Happy Pink Saturday!


nikkicrumpet said...

Looks like your mom's place is filled with lots of treasures and beautiful memories. I love that painting of her...Love the big hair. I think those old styles should come back!

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Nancy.

I know what you mean about cutting back on stuff. My mother lives with us, and we are in constant need of cutting back.

I know your mother's pretty things make her happy, and that is what is important.

Susan Hickam said...

Sweet pink things. Loved the birdcage and the child print eventhough they weren't pink. I am an equal opportunity color lover(i'm just learning to appreciate orange though.)

Missy Wertz said...

Nancy, your mom has a lot of pink! I love her pink bathroom. What fun!!! I hope you had a wonderful PINK Weekend!

KatCollects said...

Awwww love that you shared your Moms home for Pink Saturday!