~It's A Back Porch Re-Do & A New Family Member~Ms. Birdie~

~It's like a new room in the house~ Girls, I am so excited to finally have this ROOM finished. We have lived in this house almost 4 years and I am just now getting the back porch/patio decorated. I would go shopping for pillows and try to pick out carpet but I never could make my mind up on what to choose. We have had the table and chairs for 3 years and had a black umbrella over it, but this spring the wind broke it, so lucky me...LOL:) had to go shopping to find a new one. I thought I would buy another black one, but I wanted a bigger one and I could not find a big black one. The one I bought, is a peach color, I never would have bought that color, but once again I said to myself..."you can always take it back if you don't like it" and the price was right at only $39.99, yes, Thirty-nine/99. I brought it home and loved the way it blended with the brick, and the size of it. Then off to Home Depot I went to look at their seat cushions for the 100th time this summer, again, I have looked at these same cushions so many times and just did not like them, did I think Home Depot would have something new, that I hadn't seen, I don't know, but that last trip made the difference , I saw these cushions and new they would be perfect. They are a perfect match for the brick, the orange flower in the print goes great with the new umbrella, and they are dark enough that they won't show dirt.:) Oh, did I mention they were 30% off and I had a coupon for an additional 20% off my total purchase, so the price was right again. Now, the flooring decision was the hardest, we thought about staining the concrete, we thought about tiling it, but I love carpet and there is some nice outdoor carpet these days...it's not like the days when all people had to chose from was outdoor green grass...nothing wrong with green grass carpet, if you like it....I like it for you, but I don't want it for me. My husband and his 2 brothers have a floor covering business here in Knoxville, and over the last couple of years I have took home more outdoor samples then you can shake a stick at...LOL, never have been able to make up my mind, but after putting every thing together, I decided on a color for the carpet that would not be took dark or too light, just a good neutral color and I love it....we just laid it loose, no glue went under the carpet, that way we can change it when ever we want to and it hasn't messed up the concrete underneath. I love it sooo much we have ordered it for the front porch and the side porches, it just gives a neat clean look to the floor.

The two lounge chairs are new, also a clearance item from Home Depot, they only had one at the time we bought them, however they had several at a Nashville store, and they were happy to ship one to Knoxville. :)

~These are the before pictures~ And, now the finished pictures, well almost, I have a clock and thermometer coming, hubby doesn't know that yet, he's not going to want me to put anything on that brick, but I will ask for forgiveness after I do it.....:)
~ Come on up, and take a look around~ Well, there's a glass of Sweet Tea for me and you!

Have had these rockers about 3 years, they finally have cushions for them

Okay Girls, I need your help, these are the new lounge chairs, I would love to have monogrammed pillows for each of these chairs, Ballard's, are to $$$$$, but if I can't find them for less $$$, Ballard's it will be then. If any of you know of another source please let me know. :)
~The little topiary bush and bird is new~ I will be adding some more greenery~

~Close up of the new carpet~

~There's DH, getting some R&R after a hard day at work~
~Oh, there is DS getting some R&R after his long day a work~
Well Girls, I have to tell you, I am really enjoying this new space, everytime I go past a window that over looks this porch, I take a peak and can't believe how much it now looks like another room in the house. As you can see, everyone is liking it.

Oh yes, here is the new member of the family. Ms Birdie...I have always wanted a real bird, but don't want to clean after one, so here is the next best thing...LOL:) Well, I have had Ms. Birdie for a while, but her home is new. I found her pretty new home at Carolina Pottery,she lives on the front porch, she loves it, she never complains, except she is looking for a Mr. Birdie, I told her to enjoy her single life as long as possible...LOL:) But, you all know that is birdie nature for Ms. to find Mr. or Mr. to find Ms. so I have a feeling Ms. Birdie is fixing to meet Mr. Birdie. Stay tuned for the rest of the story.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the re-do and meeting Ms. Birdie. Tomorrow I will be sharing a Chicken Salad recipe that you are going to love. Another Recipe later this week and a little trip to one of my favorite little shops. I am so excited about my Pink Saturday Post, I can't wait for you to meet Emily and tour her pretty Pink room. Blessings to you all, Nancy

P.S. Here is a picture of the clock and thermometer I have ordered~


Darlene said...

OH. MY. GOSH!! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS...yes caps I'm kinda yelling here....JUST Beautiful!!! You have done a fabulous job and everything looks like a professional decorator did it...is that what you do??? The colors are just perfect...the accessories are just perfect and Mrs. Birdie is just perfect....well what more can I say!!!! LOVE it!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Nancy,
Your outdoor room looks great! Everything really came together in it.
Your new purchases will finish the space off! Hope you enjoy it..know you will.

Gone said...

Nancy....I love what you've done to your outdoor room!!! It's gorgeous.

I'll be there for tea tomorrow!! LOL!!!

Here's a couple of places I've used when shopping for myself or clients...and I see they do offer monogrammed pillows.



Lawsy Mercy said...

Nancy ~

Your outdoor room looks wonderful. Very classic and clean. I also love the outdoor carpet; it looks fabulous. You have excellent taste!



Jessica said...

Hi Nancy,

Thank you so much for the warm welcome~ I really appreciate it. Your patio is gorgeous. I love it all...right down to the tea glasses but I particularly love the little bird and Ms. Birdie. I have several little birds ( and a real one ) that your are more than welcome to come visit anytime. Your blog is gorgeous, too. I'm having issues with mine, but maybe that's normal since I just started it 24 hours ago. Thank you again and I hope to hear from you real soon. Jessica

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Everything looks great Nancy ! I know you will really enjoy your new porch.

Tracey said...

The porch looks WONDERFUL! Your family seems to be really enjoying it too :)

nikkicrumpet said...

Well didn't you just do a SPLENDID job. It's like having another living room in your house. Everything looks so pulled together. Monogrammed pillows will be the perfect touch! You should be so very proud!!!!

Sue said...

What a great space you had to work with. I love everything you did, it all looks gorgeous and it looks comfy too which is great.

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

I'd love to join you for a sweet tea! :) What an amazing transformation, you did a great job! So nice that your family is truly using and enjoying this space. Ms. Birdie is SO cute, and she might need her "lovebird" to come along soon! ;)


Unknown said...

Hi on Etsy or ebay put in Monogrammed pillows, one of them I cannott remember which one, lol, has or will make u some for a really reasonable price. Ballard has great stuff but prices are a little high sometime,,, good luck! mishelle

Marie said...

Everything is so beautiful! I don't think there is one thing I'd do differently! I love the birdcage you found at Carolina Pottery. I am very close to calling my mom and asking her to go find one for me! lol

Terry said...

I have never commented, but enjoy your blog! Most towns have monogram shops that will monogram towels, clothing, pillows, ..just anything. If you can find pillows that are not stitched closed, you could take them to one of those. However, you probably want to buy or have some made from outdoor sunbrella type fabric. good luck, the patio is wonderful. Terry in Arlington, TX

Terry said...

ps--Robert is my husband! For some reason my comment uses his google ID. I am Terry..the wife!

Linda S H said...

Hi Nancy,

Your new "room" looks so inviting and is evidently very cozy and restful, from looking at your family enjoying it. I know it gives you so much pleasure looking out on it. It looks like a wonderful place to just get away from the world and meditate or read, or whatever makes you happy. You have a talent for decorating!I'm so happy for you and the new clock and thermometer look wonderful! I love them! I'm sure your dh won't mind once he sees them!