Look What I Won From Rhoda's Giveaway!!!

I just love this planter!! I added
the flowers, my secretary was
the perfect spot for the beauty.

The 3 finials add a great french
touch to my kitchen!!

The Ethan Allen Book
is wonderful!!!!
I want to say a GREAT BIG
THANK YOU to Rhoda over
at Southern Hospitality, I love
To keep the giveaway going
I am going to do one very soon,
so y'all keep watching!!!!
Just a few words about Alex
he started college Monday, not
even taking a break, he is going for
a Bachlor Degree in Criminal Justice.
Now that life is back to normal, what
ever that is, I promise to post more
often. Later, Nancy


PAT said...

Hi Nancy
Congratulations to your son.

Thank you so much for visiting the back porch. I hope you come by often!

Your home is beautiful!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Nancy, it's so much fun to see my things at YOUR house now. You found wonderful ways to use them. So happy you are enjoying them all.