The Light Of Home

Good Morning, Hope all of you are having a good week. This coming Thurs is my hubby's birthday, I will be posting celebration pics later. Other then, that I think this well be a normal week, what ever that is, you know what I mean? Well, I just love lamps, when I find one that is unique I have to have it. This is a little post about a few of my lamps. I love to turn them on at night, they make a house feel like a home. Hope you all enjoy. Nancy This is a hat lamp, I bought at a Home Show several years ago. It helps to light our guest room.
This is a one of my Tiffany lamps, my Mom bought this one for me at a garage sale for $20.00. It sits in the boys bathroom in front of the window, which is in the front of the house. It looks so pretty at night, from the outside. I need a taller table for it to sit on, right now it sits on top of some books, I am looking for a better table.
This is a little lamp, I bought at hobby lobby for my hubby. It sits in his office, on top of a CD stand.
This is a cute teapot lamp, I bought at Repeat Etc. , it's a little shop here in Knoxville, that you can take decorations and sell them on consignment, I think I already told about Repeat Etc in another post. I never come out of that store with out something. This little lamp sits in the sun room.
This is a teapot lamp that sits on my desk, in the kitchen . I think it came from hobby lobby also. You can see a few pics in the back ground of the boys with my niece Emily and one pic of Hubby, me and Emily. I will be doing a post all about Emily one day, she is one of the Joys of my life!!!!
OH, this lamp has been in my family forever!!! My mom used it in her living room, she passed it on to me last year and I have in the guest room beside the bed. I have no idea how old it is, but I am almost 40 and she had it way before I came along. It is one of my many treasures from my family. I will be posting about family treasures one day also.

This is a lamp my hubby bought for me at hobby lobby last year. He paid 35.00 for it. I have since seen it in a little shop here in Knoxville for $65.00. It sits in my kitchen.
Yes, I know, another teapot lamp, I do love teapots, I use to collect them too. I sold them all except for a few and I kept the teapot lamps and my teapot chair. This one came from Knoxville Soap and Candle Factory. It is one of the cutest little shops, maybe some day I will take you around town and show you all some great little places. This one sits in the sun room.
Another Tiffany Lamp. This one sits in my master bathroom in front of another window. It also came from a wonderful shop here in K-town.

This Bunny Lamp sits in the front living room, in front of another window, I told you I love to sit lamps in front of windows!!;) They always look so pretty at night. This one came from JC Penney.
This is a pretty lamp that sits in the hall way just outside the foyer. I have had it so long, I don't remember were I got it.....maybe just came to me! LOL:)
Finally, are you tired yet? :) This one sits in the great room, on the side of the stair wall. I do remember, it came from Kirklands. Well, that's all I'll post for now. Hope you all enjoyed my Lights of Home. How about posting some of your Lights of Home. I know, I would enjoy seeing some of your lamps. You all have some beautiful lamps, I'm sure. Enjoy your day, Love to you all, Nancy


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Nancy, thank you for your very kind comments! I don't have any plans to get up to TN, but if I ever do, I'll think about you.

I love all your lamps, you've got some gorgeous ones. I did an exact post like this last year & showed all the different lamps in my house. Fun!


Michelle said...

Love your "light show"! I used to collect Tea Pots as well but have stopped in the last few years because...well???? I guess I just didn't have a great place to display them. LOVE the teapot lamps, though!!!!!

Judy said...

Good evening Nancy! I love all your lamps....I think I am a lamp-a-holic cause I can't pass up a lamp if it calls my name, even if I don't have a place to put it. The silver teapot lamps are so pretty, I have one in my guest room that I sometimes use a white shade on and then switch out to a black one....both are pretty. But my favorite one of yours is the bunny lamp, if you ever need to get rid of it, let me know! Did you say you got it at JC Penneys? Was it recent? Of course, I have no place to use one like that but it is so sweet.

Thanks for your visits to my blog. I enjoy reading your comments.