I Found a Rooster

Good Afternoon everyone! Here in Knoxville there is a neat little shop called Repeat Etc. you can take your decorations that maybe your tired of or just don't use any more, what ever the reason, they will sell them on consignment. I take decorations in there several times a year, and most of the time I end up trading with them instead of taking cash....well, this week I went in there to pick up check and instead came out with this beautiful rooster. I have been looking a long, long time for one, I was so happy to find this one, I couldn't wait to get home with it. It is absolutely beautiful and HEAVY! I found a place right on the kitchen table for this bad boy, but I'm sure I will move him around. Do any of you move your decorations around and put them in different rooms or maybe just a different spot in the same room? I do, and for a few days it seems like I have something new, and sometimes it seems like it looks better in its new spot, surely I am not the only one out here that does that? Well, hope you all have a great day!Nancy


Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Oh Boy, I am first commenter today...this rarely happens! LOL! Love the rooster! I collect them for my kitchen, also! Congratulations on your anniversary! The "Wilson boys" are two very handsome guys! I know you are so proud of them!

Hugs, Rhonda ;)

Rue said...

Your rooster is darling!! He is a big guy ;)

Have a wonderful day!

Michelle said...

I love your new rooster!!! I am going out "junkin'" with a friend and fellow blogger on Saturday and I hope I find some new goodies to brighten up a few spots around here.

Lana Manis said...

HI Nancy, I love that rooster! I have a large, ivory one that I got at Hobby Lobby a few years ago. Where is Repeat, etc located? My sisters and I love to go thrifting in Knoxville. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Yes, please add me to yours and I'll do the same. Oh, it would have been nice to have met you at the Lavender Festival! Have a lovely day!